Our island attracts millions of tourists every year, most of them coming from Europe, especially from Britain or Germany but, given the island true potential, here you will find travellers from all around the world, willing to enjoy a Mediterranean style vacation, regardless period of the year. Summer days are rarely rainy and winters are mild, a real bless for people living in the Central or Northern part of the Old Continent.

Most of our accustomed visitors are just coming back to their previous accommodations, other types of tourists are reaching the island using known booking systems. The really spoiled ones though use BookingMallorca.co.uk to benefit from our wide range of villas or apartments, built to please each and every one of you, inland or in some remote corner of the island, around the major resorts or somewhere along the coast.

As one of the oldest booking portals dedicated to Mallorca island, BookingMallorca.co.uk lists several properties suited to every type of tourist willing to taste a bit of Mallorca's sea and sun enjoyment. Our commitment to quality reverberates in every aspect of our business, as the backbone of the daily decisions we have made during our long-lasting success story. Our constant effort implies investing all possible resources to deliver the best Mallorca villas with our customers in mind, through secured reservations, hassle-free booking process and the most transparent conditions.

The best areas to rent a villa in Mallorca

It is hard to overlook the capital Palma and the main tourist resorts clustered around it, but the treasures are essentially out of reach, grouped mainly around Northeast and Southwest - Alcudia, Formentor, Campanet or Santanyi are just a few of the popular destinations. If you need a villa, inland areas and out-of-reach regions must be your best bet. If apartments are better within easy reach from the beach or known travel resorts, villas must offer something different, better suited to larger groups looking for their own time together.

Booking Mallorca apartments

If villas are the required luxury for traveling in numerous company for shorter periods of time, apartments are designed to accommodate smaller groups of tourists looking to spend from a couple of days to several months in Mallorca. We have tourists coming year after year here to relax or even to work, sometimes renting our properties for a full month or even more. If you are not royalty, that is probably the most affordable option for a longer vacation.

Serviced housing options, sea views flats with 2-5 or more rooms each, our apartments are placed in quieter areas, setting a clear advantage over normal hotel rooms. Check out the incredible marina panorama offered by Marina Penthouse in Puerto Alcudia or the pool at Gotmar apartment building in Puerto Pollensa. Community pools options are not that hard to find - try Bergamo apartment in Pollensa, or Cisneblanc in Alcudia, ideal for people willing to accommodate somewhere nearby the beach as well.

Reinventing luxury - traditional villas with a twist

Enjoy the island your own way, discover the unspoilt places of our natural environment, spend an incredible evening in ONE OF OUR VILLAS IN MALLORCA, and relax with your family & friends away from the crowdy, purpose-built accommodation options. Choose the property you want, eat what you like, enjoy privacy and discover what the island it's all about. If you know what you are looking for you can search in one of our catalogues, if you don't, you can search by area or simply choose one of the popular villa destinations.

We have what you need, pool villas, LUXURY properties where you can enjoy lifestyle and even beach houses and apartments. BookMallorca is a LOCAL BUSINESS DEDICATED TO FINDING THE BEST HOLIDAY HOMES for your holidays. As locals, we try hard to give you the best experience on the island.

Inland beaches are the countless outdoor pools

The best thing about living in a villa, aside from the freedom of movement for you and your family within a practical facility where everything (or, ok, almost everything) is within your reach, is... that's right: privacy. Forget about the crowds at the beach - with days when you will not even find a place to spread your beach towels - forget about algae, rocky beach beds or unfair distances to grab a soda when you most need it. Make a courageous splash in your own pool, then grab a seat - an "always available" lounge chair should suffice. Try the large swimming pool of Almazara Varitx in Pollensa, Es Puxet nearby Alcudia for its lovely grand terrace or Finca Tomas in Cala San Vicente, where you can enjoy the sun and admire the unique mountainous view in the same time.

Heated pools

Well, this is a matter of choice, not necessarily a summer must on a Mediterranean island like Mallorca. If during the high season sun should be enough to care of the water temperature, in autumn or spring you may find useful a heated pool. Check out La Vinyetta in Pollensa or the wonderful view offered by the 950 sqm Es Puxet pool nearby Alcudia, magic inland or even shore side facilities without having to drive to the beach itself and give up your privacy. Because winter could be an experience in its own rights - with Tramuntana crossing the island is easy to say why -, a heated pool will still remind you are on an island. Worth mentioning Villas Sirenas in Playa de Muro or the garden pool in Campbell in Cala San Vicente, although this is not actually an inland facility.

Child friendly

Traveling along kids is the foundation of an established family activity and could be the start of your wonderful memories. Living aside the classic journey, where all you can do is based around your usual hotel, BookingMallorca.co.uk had encompassed the best villas or apartments options in regards to facilities dedicated to the little ones, rooms specially designed to fulfill their needs, playgrounds and activities created having them in mind. Forget about stress for a few days, dare to lay down in the sun without worries, let your kids enjoy safely and entirely within your reach, at all times.

Villas or apartments where comfort and transparence matter most

Aside from the strong knowledge we have acquired in time, we believe that involvement and team spirit are the two main synergic factors to success and each of our employees is here to make sure you get the very essence of Mallorca and its traditions through our work. We have learned "good" is not enough, so we have kept open our curious side, discovering more and more untapped corners of our island - therefore, we strive to provide you with the best accommodation options in Mallorca.

Rent a vacation house in the island of Mallorca, browsing through our various range of villas or apartments, rural mansions, seaside estates and all sorts of accommodation properties. The biggest Balearic island is a fantastic place to spend from a couple of days to several weeks, whether you like to relax in the sun, trek the Tramuntana mountains, play golf or ride your bicycles. Take advantage of our easy-to-use booking engine and check the full list of homes available for rent, organized by region, size or type.

Incredible beach and pool properties on the island

If you are looking for a perfect villa in Mallorca we have a lot of them to show you. Use our booking form or simply navigate through our accommodation catalogues and choose the right villa for your holiday.

From beachfront to inland country houses

In order to make things easier for you we have marked our properties with tags that we really think it will help you find the right place to stay. Just give it a try and search for your holiday home or simply contact us and we will be glad to help you choose the right villa or appartment, so you could fully enjoy your holidays in Mallorca!

Rural Villas

Discover the real mallorca, enjoy tradition and local cuisine.

Cyclists Villas

For cycling lovers, with enough room to keep your bike safe.

Golf Villas

If you are a golfer this are your best accommodation options.

Beach Villas

Villas & apartments if you want to stay really close to the beach.

Pool Villas

How about a private pool villa? Privacy at it's best!

Selected Villas

In search for some luxury and luxury lifestyle?

Sleeps 12
Baths 3
Bedrooms 6
Sleeps 12
Baths 6
Bedrooms 6
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Sleeps 10
Baths 3
Bedrooms 5
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Sleeps 8
Baths 5
Bedrooms 4
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Sleeps 10
Baths 8
Bedrooms 5
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Sleeps 14
Baths 7
Bedrooms 7
View Detail
Sleeps 16
Baths 9
Bedrooms 8
View Detail
Sleeps 12
Baths 4
Bedrooms 6
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