The Almond Blossom Season in Mallorca

The spectacle of the almond blossom season in winter season;

In Mallorca, the beginning of the almond blossoms trees completely changes the natural landscape of Mallorca and creates a wonderful natural spectacle. During the months usually between late January and February camps Mallorca stain a soft white, ethereal and pristine color. It is the beginning of flowering of the almond trees, as every year, changing the landscape of the island and gives a special beauty when in Mallorca thousands of almond trees burst into blossom. Between January and February Mallorca Island is covered with a white blanket and it is not snow (although this also comes at the peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana), is the white, pink and cerulean colors of the almond blossom, featuring one of the most beautiful pictures of winter the island.

In the three colors, white, blue and pink, the flowering almond trees anticipate spring when winter is not over yet, an image that has been recreated by painters, novelists and photographers throughout history. Mild Mediterranean temperatures are causing this premature flowering which will last until the end of February. The shape of the delicate flowers of almond varies by variety to which they belong and their color ranges from pure white to pure pink, through an amazing and exclusive light blue.

It is in these first months of the year, with the almond blossom when in Mallorca acquires a spectacular beauty that attracts thousands of tourists, photographers, and painters and fascinates all who appreciate beautiful things. And although Mallorca has always been related to summer destination, many who know the island also know that in winter they can enjoy its natural wonders.

So is this a good excuse to travel to Mallorca in winter, staying in a small farmhouse or hotel indoor jump to cross their paths between crops, forests and mountains, stopping to get the most beautiful pictures and why not, indulge the palate with specialties of Gastronomy Mallorca own this time of year.

The beauty of the almond blossom attracts a very specific profile of visitors to the island, nature lovers, those seeking the charm of rural Mallorca, those fleeing from mass tourism, who want to make a romantic trip….German travel agencies, as an example, expose in their windows each year offers with “Mallorca Mandelblütte” that seduce so many travelers in that country, as in the UK.

A lot Europeans that know this wonderful time in Mallorca choose the almond blossom time to enjoy practicing cycling. Certain types of tourist, usually English and German, come to Mallorca fleeing the harsh Central European winter to enjoy this phenomenon the mild winter temperatures of the island, staying in calm and wonderful Agritourisms, small rural hotels, villas and apartments in Majorca normally not overcrowded by tourist and getting up early to walk or enjoying the inland roads cycling and stopping at the island’s most characteristic towns to buy in the market, visit the shops and enjoy the delights of the winter Gastronomy in Mallorca like stopping on a road bar and enjoy a great “Pa amb Oli” or a hearty “Arroz Brut”.

There are many places and routes to enjoy the scenic beauty of the almond fields, especially in January and February when flower shows giving this special touch of charm to the landscape of the island. No doubt, this is the perfect time to trace the route of almond blossoms and enjoy this gift of nature. A particularly suitable area for this is the environment Llucmajor and generally throughout the Pla de Mallorca, in the central area of the island. Take a tour of almond crop, stopping and smelling the flower feature is a full immersion in what once was a momentous economic activity in the rural Mallorcan society. Although almonds are present all over the island, there are two areas in particular stand out, The Serra de Tramuntana (cultural landscape declared in 2010 World Heritage Site) and west-central area, with the towns of Marratxí, Bunyola, Santa Maria, Sencelles, Lloseta and Selva is one of the most beautiful. Also the towns of Manacor, Sant Llorenç and Son Servera, Mallorca east are surrounded by almond groves.

The tradition of almonds in Mallorca:

The almond tree is the Mediterranean tree par excellence and is in Mallorca more than a tree. With the first sunny days in the winter, more than seven million almonds trees burst into flower, covering Mallorca with a white mantle announcing the impending spring.

The almond tree, a native of Asia, was introduced in the West by the Romans. It is the first of deciduous trees to bloom in spring, due to its quick reaction to temperature rises. In Mallorca is distributed throughout the island, although it is especially abundant in the municipalities of Marratxí, Bunyola and Sóller, coinciding with the major almonds producing areas. There are also many trees throughout the center area of the island.

Mallorca treasures 7 million almond trees of different varieties, is therefore one of the most important crops in the economy of the island and has various food and cosmetic applications. The massive introduction of almond tree cultivation occurred after the phylloxera in the late nineteenth century that decimated all the vineyards of the island.

The importance of almond as a traditional culture deeply rooted in Mallorca is beyond doubt. This is a very important asset to economic, social and environmental, which once was an important resource for the local economy and today is trying to survive in the market. Almond in Mallorca has many varieties and a organoleptic quality above average, which gives it exceptional value. To this we must add that the almond crop in Mallorca is tied to the defense and keeping the agricultural and rural landscape of the island through traditional agricultural practices being part of the essence of Mallorca.

The sweet taste of Mallorcan almonds and unctuous texture makes them a great snack or dessert either plain or toasted. The pastry in this nut has one of its basic ingredients, the nougat, the “Amargos” from Mallorca, a dry pasta with almonds, the almond cake called “Gató”, made with ground almonds, sugar, egg and lemon peel grated, and the typical almond liqueur, are some of the traditional Mallorcan specialties you should try. In savory dishes, typical dish “Escaldums”, very popular in Mallorca, are accompanied by a sauce made with raw almonds. It is also common to find in perfumery products derived from fruits and flowers from almond tree and as well the coveted almond oil, very tasty for use in fresh salads.

So if at any time you are thinking of taking a winter break, our Island is a perfect destination for its proximity, its Mediterranean climate of mild winters and elegance, a journey that will appreciate both photography lovers as those just looking for a quiet and romantic destination for a few days, an experience to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, carried away by the very essence of the island.

You can see more photos about Almond Blossom Season in Mallorca in our Flickr Channel here.

Production Almond Mallorca is marketed under the brand name “ de Mallorca.

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