Best 10 villas to rent in Mallorca for 2017

Majorca has always been a generous travel destination in regards to accommodation options, offering visitors an almost unlimited fount of secrets, ready to be discovered in the most unexpected corners. Whether we talk about home-bred interior mansions or luxurious seaside residences, you ought to explore full-options housing all around the island, giving up on classic hotels or guesthouses. BookingMallorca plans to give you some hints, listing some of the most sought-after, feature-rich villas in the Balearic and tries to compile for you the top 10 villas in Mallorca.

Why would you choose a villa in Mallorca?

It is one undeniable European top travel destination, a favorite for millions of tourists each year. Has a special charm attached to it, starting with its milky beaches, to the diversity of its interior landscapes, stopping here and then to sip from a glass of refreshment drink in a seashore tavern – an imperative requirement during the hot season -, all bonded by a marvelous infrastructure, specially designed to make you and your friends wonder ceaselessly for weeks. Finally, at the end of a long day, never give up on your usual comfort and coziness, choosing to own more than the ordinary breakfast and a roof above your head – one of its magnificent villas, with gardens and pools, hardly available otherwise.

You will then hold everything you need in one location, from private pools to your very own stretch of sand, from barbecue facilities to generous dining rooms and playgrounds for your kids. You are in charge with your meal preferences and with your privacy. Blown by the Mediterranean mild winds, on a lounge chair, with a book in your hands and a soft drink a few centimeters away, surrounded only by friends or family, you will feel blessed tasting the true qualities of the renowned Spanish island.

Rent a luxury villa in Majorca

Do you need a private villa where you can totally relax and spend a wonderful vacation along the Mediterranean shores? You want to grab unforgettable moments from the comfort of a private terrace, admiring amazing views? Mallorca has its own share of greatness and we are willing to list the island’s most wonderful villas, easing your booking procedure, making it undoubted and transparent, with no hidden costs whatsoever. Choose your location and book your private house online in time, so that all these wonders will also get as affordable as they can be.

Where should you go? Well, that depends on personal preferences, but keep in mind: if last year you were somewhere along the coastline, maybe the following year you should also try the country side, a surprisingly beautiful area, bearing sings of its ancient traditions, experiences not easy to forget. Here is what we think you should take into consideration:

Top 10 recommendations

Villa Moscatel, Campanet

Top villas Majorca - Moscatel

This imposing 400 sqm building sits in the middle of a picturesque landscape, under 1 kilometer away from Campanet, ideal for those willing to split their time between relaxed moments and short incursions in town. Although beach seems to be pretty far, Moscatel offers its own private pool, with lounge chairs and umbrellas, a bit above the surrounding fields, which allows visitors to enjoy a great countryside panorama. The outdoor garden also includes two terraces – the one on the base floor has all the setup you need to serve your favorite meals and the upper level terraces offer the best perspectives over the neighboring scenery, all the way to the mountains, perfect for a late wine tasting. The barbecue area completes an already spectacular view on the ground floor.

Exterior looks modern but retains specific local architecture elements. Interiors are at least as generous as the exterior, with large windows, a kitchen with all the usual amenities, 6 bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms – 2 of which are en-suite. Furniture combines old and new pieces, mostly made of dark-brownish wood, simply spotless and very well taken care of.

Villa Arcada, Campanet

Top villas Majorca - Arcada

We don’t want to step away from the country side, not before we present you another Majorcan gem – villa Arcada. As the name suggest, aside from the gorgeous riverstone-like facade – perfectly fit into the mountainous landscape -, first floor arcades will draw your attention from the moment you get sufficiently close. Because we are still in the rural area, worth starting by presenting the outdoor pool, with the respective shower, umbrellas and lounge chairs. Next to them we have, again, the not-to-miss piece of a luxury villa – a BBQ area.

Interior can host up to 10 people, offering 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms – all double, 3 of them on the first level. Dining room is large enough, living room offers satellite TV, a couple of sofas and a great window-view, kitchen is fully equipped, with freezer, a dishwashing machine, a coffee-maker and a microwave among others.

Could be used as a starting point for cycling lovers, but also golf amateurs, with a golf field at around 15 km distance. The beach is just a bit further, maybe 20-30 minutes driving, depending on traffic.

Villa Es Castell, Santany

Top villas Mallorca - Es Castell

Looks like a castle, feels like an ancient treat, but is modern by definition. 325 sqm of pure lush, not in a hysterically luxurious sense, but in an uniform and rational size. Has everything you have ever wanted from a vacation villa, plus a few other surprises. Moorish in heart, with a tower that seem to resemble an old fortress, it is surrounded by palm trees and a wonderfully terraced orchard, where you can feel the real taste of citrus or almonds. Of course there is a pool – with a cutting-edge cleaning system -, and yes, privacy at its best.

Once you have stepped over the threshold, you feel the earthly power of the terracotta floorings. Bedrooms offer wonderful perspectives towards the greenish nearby area, with large windows and lavish decorations. There is peace in the exterior and everything for your comfort in the interior – you have a garage, a covered terrace and many, many other facilities outside, plus a dishwasher, freezer, microwave, internet access, Playstation, coffee machine on the inside. Imagine yourself sunken in the countryside’s sun, the master of your own luxury villa. This has to be one of your favorite places on earth for you as well.

Villa Casa Janssen, Alcanada

Top luxury villas Majorca - Casa Janssen

Our trip along the best 10 villas for rent in Mallorca continues on the coast to check on Casa Janssen, an aristocratic mansion placed in a fabulous neighborhood, a few meters away from the beaches of Badia d’Alcdia. And if you think you have got your fair share of greenery, well, think again. The yellowish Casa Janssen silhouette blends perfectly in the middle of the lush vegetation filling the outlining hills. Pool will try to keep you inside the property, but not to worry, villa’s large balconies facing the sea will always keep you connected to the outside world and the beach itself.

This is rather a residential area, although your privacy is fully secured by brunches of shrubs, nicely aligned, surrounding the whole garden. It is the perfect location for a vacation in a small group, like a family gathering to grab a few relaxing days under the Mallorcan sun. Its 175 sqm are nothing but perfect for 6 people, helped by the 3 adjacent bathrooms at your disposal. If you get bored lounging in the sun, you might take a walk to Alcudia – only 2 kilometers away -, or dine in one of the restaurants along the beach.

Villa Almazara Varitx, Pollensa

Best luxury villas Majorca - Almazara varitx

If Majorca means tradition and rural life, this gorgeous villa fully describes its heart, in the middle of Tramuntana Mountains, a remote area in the Northwestern part of the island. Once again, you are not on a sun&sea only island – it is actually the mountains that make the difference for most of the tourists. It is the fresh air and the solitude, although here, particularly, you will not miss the sea – you do have a pool to enjoy, large enough as well.

Pollensa is just 6 km away, or around 5 minutes driving, together with the restaurants and the bars, also the supermarkets – everything you need, really, for a comfortable vacation. A property nicely redecorated, both outside and inside, a remake of a 15th Century mill, Almazara Varitx relaxes your senses and softens your spirit. The Balinese pagoda is not the only unusual detail, you should also admire the Roman steps of the pool, as well as the unique vegetable garden, always at your disposal.

Villa Puig del Aguila, Formentor

Best 10 luxury villas Mallorca - Puig del Aguila

We are not leaving the mountains – we are actually going to stick around Pollensa for a little while to discover another well hidden gem – Puig del Aguila. Puig del Aguila seems to respect its name in regards to its location – Eagle’s Peak in free translation. Almost touching Cala Formentor shores, our villa is ideal for a romantic getaway.

First floor, consisting of the lounges, the kitchen and 2 bedrooms, is connected via a covered terrace to the outside garden, with palm trees and an outdoor pool. Second flood has the other 3 bedrooms, all for a total of 12 maximum guests in 5 double rooms that, together with everything else, are spread on over 400 meters. Inside and outside furnishings are all quite modern, breathing a pleasant atmosphere created by terracotta tiles and wooden details.

Marina Playa, Puerto Alcudia

Top 10 luxury majorca - Villa Marina Playa

Are you coming in Mallorca just for the beach? There might be a way, but we can’t guarantee you can only stick to that – thinking about all the natural wonders Mallorca has to offer, it is pretty hard to think of a vacation just for sea and sand. If you still need the beach to be as close as possible, you may want to consider Marina Playa, a top notch villa practically glued to the beach – just a few meters closer and it might have been dangerous to live in. Located in a calm residential area, from here you enter directly onto the 11 kilometres long stretch of sand around Bay of Alcudia.

This is a modern days construction, with contemporary amenities, recommended for pretentious tourists, although it might lack the charm and traditional looks of the interior structures presented so far in our top 10 luxury villas in Mallorca. If the services and amenities provided are definitely meant to satisfy all needs, the surrounding region is filled with restaurants, coffee shops and general stores. This might be one of the high-end tourist areas in this part of the island.

Villa Es Turo, Can Picafort

Top 10 villas Majorca - Es Turo

One of the biggest luxury villas on the island, Es Turo has to show up on every possible “top accommodation options in Majorca”. Why? Starting with the outside area, with a winter garden, a pool, the gardens and its several terraces, exploring the inside rooms and facilities covering more than 400 sqm, our villa is a full mix between ancient and progressive elements, displaying more than Mallorcan particular details. It is a housing complex that can hold up to 18 people, from the oldest to teenagers and kids – the latter taking advantage of their own pool – around 0.6 meters in depth.

The second pool, for grown-ups this time, is over 100 sqm and offers, aside from the classic lounge chairs and sunshades, a hydraulic system for disabled persons. More entertainment options, like 2 tennis tables and the kids playground were added so going in vacation with your little ones will not be a problem. Rooms are large and luminous, air conditioning is installed to overcome the summer’s sun and Wi-Fi is available all around the house.

Villa Es Figueral Nou, Pollensa

Top 10 villas - Es Figueral Nou, Mallorca

Looking for space? If so, you have to try Es Figueral Nou – placed in the middle of over 20,000 sqm of pure greenery, amongst palm trees and beautiful architectural decorations. Building is quite new, bearing the signs of a design without compromise, luxury to the bones. Owners did not leave the Mallorcan factor aside – many of the inside details were designed to express where you are at all times, like the beamed ceilings or the traditional wooden furniture.

Open space is almost overwhelming, with something to do for everyone. On the background you have the picturesque silhouette of the Tramuntana mountains, whilst taking the opposite direction you will reach the beaches in under 10 minutes drive. Pollensa is just 5 kilometers away and you are quite close to Cap Formentor or Bay of Alcudia, two of the most sought-after travel attractions in Mallorca.

Villa Campbell, Cala San Vicente

Top villas Mallorca - Campbell

Although one of the biggest and better serviced villa around the Balearic Islands, we have chosen Campbell for the views and services. As you could have probably noticed, all our selected villas are endowed with everything one needs from a vacation. This one here though, with a garden practically attached to the sea, delivers views you will not have the chance to see very often.

As if the 500 sqm of living space were not enough, hosting 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, you also have a heated outdoor pool, regular cleaning services and both, breakfast and lunch, included. Staff is nothing but discreet, making sure your stay will be remembered. Add the 2 Golf Courses field to the picture, only a few minutes by car, and you get a better idea on your entertainment possibilities.

Exquisite accommodation options with private pool

We have only listed 10 top villas in our presentation and it could probably take weeks to take every detail into consideration. Willing to offer you a diverse glimpse on this subject, we will recommend you even further villas, this time with private pools. Take a look at Sirenas in Playas de Muro, Es Fasser or Sa Sinia in Cala d’Or, Villa Jato in Alcanada or the other magnificent options around Cala Vicente region, like Cavall, Villa Bernat or Finca Tomas. But there are even more…

What do they have in common? Each of these villas were designed having you in mind and your love for water and Mediterranean sun. With such options at your disposal, it might be hard to decide what to choose. Whether is one of the options from our top 10 luxury villas in Mallorca, or pick another great location, you will definitely have to take your time and wander around the largest Belearic island, discovering new places, live the traditions and observe the incredible local way of life.

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