Best Steak House Restaurant in Puerto de Alcudia

A good restaurant to eat good meat in Puerto de Alcudia?…yes, Ca´n Toni Steak House.

It is a pleasure to introduce the Steak House Ca´n Toni, steak house in Puerto de Alcudia owned by Antonio Contreras, who was bofore owner of La Traviata 1990, located in the marina area of Puerto de Alcudia.

The restaurant is a local bullfighting atmosphere frequented by domestic tourism and all kinds of nationalities, especially in summer time as a lot of people know Antonio and all the year around is frequented by many area residents that love good food, excellent service and an atmosphere conducive to enjoy the best meat can be found in the Puerto de Alcudia together with an extensive list of fine wines from Spain at a price-quality ratio excellent, enough offer to meet the needs and desires of most customers.

What is most striking in Ca´n Toni is the raw material from which is made the restaurant menu, whether meat, fish or wine, because as we explained meat is coming directly from Burgos, Valladolid and Ávila, its fish supply comes directly from local fishermen almost every day, its Iberian ham from Sánchez Romero Carvajal is amazing and are available to its customers some fantastic wines, wines from the Rioja Alta and Ribera del Duero mostly.

We’re not saying that in Ca´n Toni we’re going to find Kobe or Aberdeen Angus beef, considered one of the most exclusive and highest quality in the world, something that otherwise would be quite expensive to visit frequently. In the north of Mallorca increasingly becomes more difficult to find places to enjoy good red meat and that is where the peculiarity of Ca´n Toni Steak House, the beef used is excellent, the protein is life and this carnal sin still has a strong culinary scope thing and is offered at this restaurant. The meat is brought directly from Burgos and Valladolid and the T-bone steak we have tried was really ox T-bone, not old cow and although the approximate weight of steak we tasted was about 700gr, was completely soft, with a deep and rich flavor, which gave evidence that there had been a maturation process that proper the meat, a beef aging, which later was confirmed by the owner, dry beef aging about 20 days from the meat entered his establishment, which it was noticeable in the aroma and flavor of the T-bone steak.

For your information, we will say that an oxen are a castrated males older than 48 months, ie 4 years. This is the first reason why it is more expensive, because it is “greater” so that farmers have to raise them for 48 months instead of 8 as beef, having from 8-12 months, plus time breeds male is castrated by what does not serve as a stallion, which makes it even more expensive to maintain it. Why oxen are castrated?…because castrated males has more fat than non-castrated…and cannot be compared to veal or old cow as much as in some restaurants otherwise stated, is inadmissible, and according to how it is cooked, it provides a great flavor to fully enjoy a fresh T-bone steak, a unique flavor, authentic taste of meat. We had the T-bone steak simply grilled and had the pleasure to enjoy the fullness of its flavor.

We found that in the kitchen had not been used bad techniques such as pressing the meat on the grill with a spatula, which is useless, all you get to crush the meat with the spatula, is losing its juices and meat h hardens. Nor had any pit or similar acts from the kitchen to check “if was just right”, which also makes meat lose all their juice and harden on the grill. No, the meat was just right (à point) and with all your tastiest juices.

Although you may wonder how to cook the Ox T-bone steak?

This is something very personal but in my opinion medium rare grilled first using coarse sea salt, pepper and olive oil. A T-bone steak needs to release juice and be tender to appreciate its flavor. If is well done it is almost impossible to chew and instead of a pleasure will become a martyr, you are not going to finish it, sure. This is why I prefer it brown on the outside and inside just hot. If you start from here and you are not in my opinion, something totally respectful, order a very warm ovenproof dish to put in the middle of the table and the meat at your taste as you go to eat it, never order a T-bone steak well done, when cool and harden is impossible to eat.

The ox meat is rich in proteins and gives us a lot of essential amino acids that are necessary for our body. It also has a lot of minerals like potassium, phosphorus and magnesium and is rich in vitamin B12.

And how we should accompany the T-bone steak?

This is obvious, with a good red wine. In that respect everyone is free to choose the wine that you like, we had opted for Ribera del Duero on the recommendation of the owner, although his stock to offer good Spanish wine is one of the best to be found among all restaurants of Puerto de Alcudia. In case any of you is going to visit Ca´n Toni Steak House, is not a bad option to let them advise about wines, all depends on what you will eat.

Although not everything was ox what was in the restaurant, we could see some roasted that really were calling our attention, tender roasted shoulder of lamb had a delicious aspect, it was  tender lamb from Valladolid, one of the best in the world, which looked perfectly roasted, simmer and unhurried, wet look, important thing in one roast. Talking to the owner about his roasts, we could remember wonderful words we learned in our culinary seminars: “The roast is the praise of slowness and the sacred enjoyment is in the process devote the time it deserves”…so with this we believe that you will understand how his roasts are.

The menu in Ca´n Toni Steak House is extensive and varied, predominantly meats of all kinds, with a specialty meat Angus American stone made, although no falls short paragraph of fish, many of them brought directly from own boat ensuring an excellent freshness to all the guests.

Regarding prices, meat section in the menu oscillate in a range between 12€ and 25€, prices not expensive keeping in mind that we are talking about one of the best quality meats in Puerto de Alcudia and the menu is offered in a lot of languages for your facility as English, all Scandinavian languages, German or even Russian language.

Restaurant Ca´n Toni Steak House is located in street Gabriel Roca, 31 (07400 Puerto Alcudia), phone number is +34 971897407 and if you want to book you can do it yourself directly by mail writing to:

Google Maps here.

Don´t hesitate to visit it during your holidays in Alcudia, sure you will love it.

Bon appetite¡

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5 Responses

  1. Peter Ehnemark says:

    We are Alcudia lovers since a lot of years ago and it is a pleasure to say that everything says this article about La Traviata 1990 and about Antonio is totally true, it is one of the best restaurants in Alcudia, our favourite in fact and is nice to see and read that not only for us.
    Great article and looking for enjoying our dinners there quite soon.

  2. Maksim says:

    The meals were fantastic, we ate last summer a few times the week we were in Alcudia and the article says the reality of this lovely restaurant. We are from Russia and myself and my family were totally surprised about all tasty meal we enjoyed there.

  3. Hanna says:

    It is my favourite restaurant…I love “jamon” and “solomillo al jabugo”, i reccommend it.

  4. Emma Frost says:

    Oxen meals is the best meals of Alcudia. Ohh is so yummy and caloric foods made with pure ingredients.

  5. Alexey says:

    I was enjoying a delicious diners two times during my stay in Alcudia this summer and i didn’t expect so fantastic meat.
    For a sure will be back soon to enjoy again and drink some of the exquisite wines they have on its celler.
    Alexey from Moscow

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