Festival Park in Mallorca, Big Outlet

Festival Park, the largest Outlet in Mallorca;

It was opened in 2002 after the Australian property funds manager APN Property Group invested 200 million euros in the construction of this big commercial center.

Festival Park, located in the municipality of Marratxí, is the largest center Outlet and entertainment in the island Mallorca, with an area of 34,400 square meters located along the main highway linking the capital, Palma de Mallorca, with the north of the island, and close to the three main urban centers of the island. Over the past year, the number of visitors has exceeded 3.5 million visitors being approximately 25% tourists.

Mallorca, as one of the major European tourist destinations is, therefore, a leisure destination. Our visitors are looking for an offer, which is combination of entertainment and shopping. Festival Park is a combination of trade type factory along with more leisure in Mallorca, with a high influx of foreign visitors and residents.

Festival Park has an excellent range of shops Outlet among which brands like Nike, Quiksilver, Levi´s, Mango, Reebok, Camper. This wide range of shops prestigious brands at heavily discounted prices in Mallorca has created a new destination and a new habit of shopping, both residents and tourists. Tour operators and travel agencies have organized visits to this center in their excursions programs, shopping concerted visits. Thus, along with other traditional tourist destinations in the island, Festival Park has become a must for hundreds of tourists.

The center also is complemented by huge and varied options with over 25 restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors. The leisure, AMC 20 theaters, 22 bowling tracks, ice rink with artistic shows, along with other children’s attractions have made Festival Park in the center of excellence for leisure and family entertainment throughout the island and consequently, the meeting point for millions of people every year.

Additionally, the activity with disco and very wide range of music bars make Festival Park not only one of the largest resorts on the island during the day, but in one of the most attractive spots of entertainment and nightlife in Mallorca .

Festival Park complex was developed with a Mediterranean architecture with open streets and squares outdoors. This combination forms the center as a very pleasant environment for visitors and where it makes the most pleasant climate of Mallorca.

The center also is changing many shopping habits and leisure on the island. Outlet stores offer in Mallorca has allowed consumers access to major brands throughout the year at greatly discounted prices. To date, this possibility existed in Mallorca very limited and only local shoe manufacturers. The public with this opening has thanked it greatly this value as the characteristics of the island, their habits and customs always invited to enjoy the free time, which has taken advantage Festival Park and has become one of the leading destinations leisure in Mallorca, working and directing at the expansion of the center, in order to increase remarkably tender, adding more fashion, more brands, more accessories and more entertainment, such as greater gym & spa in Mallorca. This combination of elements is the basis of success of Festival Park, and its management will continue down this path.

In recent years, Festival Park Outlet has had a significant increase in new firms that have opted for this ambitious project, Lacoste, Diesel, Lindt, Pepe Jeans, Adolfo Domínguez or Desigual are some of the new firms that have opted for Festival Park Outlets. In addition, during the past year have been many brands that have invested in renovating its image, examples include Levi’s, Simone Perele, Marvelis, Mustang, Old Ridel or Reebok, who now have much more attractive spaces and local.

Complementing this commitment to the Outlet, Outlets Festival Park also continues to improve offering both leisure and restaurants. In the area of restaurants, clearly stand openings as Rice and Tapas by Sa Roqueta, La Creperie, Häagen-Dazs or Amorino, and the renewal of labels as Foster Hollywood. In entertainment, plus a full expansion and renovation of its children’s area include the opening of the first electric Indoor Karting circuit in Spain, with an area of nearly 4,000 m.

Thus, Festival Park Outlets, with over 3.5 million visitors annually reaffirms its position in Mallorca, appearing as an ideal alternative option and the best international brands. The result of this project is a varied tenant mix, made up almost 90 stores that make Outlets Festival Park an ideal place to meet the needs of all types of Customers destination.

Do not hesitate to visit.

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