Gastronomy Recipes: Black Cuttelfish Noodles

Black Cuttlefish Noodles, ?a Mallorcan real delicatessen;

Called in Mallorca Fideu, and when we speak about black noodles or black rice in Mallorca, we’re talking about a very seaworthy, exquisite and highly palatable to fans of seafood culinary tradition and, in particular, the use of squid ink and cuttlefish in Mallorca Cuisine, a pleasure to taste.

Preparation time: 2 hours

Difficulty: medium

Cost: Average


400 g of medium noodles, 1 liter and 400 ml fish stock (you have the recipe here), 3 medium and fresh cuttlefish, ? red pepper, ? large onion 3 tomatoes ramellet or normal? tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, parsley, salt and pepper, sweet paprika, 200g peeled shrimp 1 ora (dried nora peppers or capsicum annuum ), olive oil.


The first thing we should do when we make a fideu (noodles), ?is to prepare all the ingredients and it will be easier and faster to do this succulent recipe.

We cut diced red pepper. Chop the onion. Grate the tomatoes. Peel the dried red pepper and put it in hot water to hydrate. Peel the garlic and chop parsley small, put it in a mortar, first garlic with a little salt to avoid slip and when is as paste put parsley and crush well. Heat the broth well until boiling point and measure the amount of noodles that we are going to need.

When we have everything ready we take a paella pan and put olive oil, fry the dried red pepper well and turn away in a food mill along with its water of hydration and grind. Keep it for later.

We put it in the pan noodles and fry brown them, they have to look like in the picture. Remove and reserve.

Add a little more oil and started frying pepper let start to brown. Add the cuttlefish and stir well, here we must be very careful because splash a lot, especially when they begin to brown, stirring to go sticking. Add onion, saut. Put a spoonful of sweet red pepper, stirring to prevent burning and then add the tomatoes. Leave this fund is made until it is the texture of a jam.

Once at this point we’re looking to add the noodles, stir and it’s time to put the inks previously dissolved with a little hot water or broth and crushed, strain them through a fine sieve, incorporate them into the noodles and the ora crushed and casting. Stir well, pour the boiling broth over noodles. Add the crushed garlic and parsley and peeled shrimp. Stir to mix and leave for about 20 to 25 minutes, until you see that noodles are ready.

Let stand for 5 minutes before eating and enjoy them.


The noodles I used are in normal middle-bought in normal supermarket, the one called cabelln, which is the smallest and slimmest, but there are also noodle thickness and medium.

You can use thick if you want but you will have to vary the amount of broth because this is calculated for these noodles.

For best results these black cuttlefish noodles should be super fresh with its inks, you can ask to fishmonger to clean it but reserve the ink when buying. You can also use the typical ink sacs that sell frozen but will never be the same, the taste of good cuttlefish ink fresh cannot be compared with the frozen bag.

Beware of black rice and black noodles when cooking as they tend to stick fast when it starts to be absorbed the broth, lower the heat so that you do not burn.

This type of rice noodles or black are ideal to take with a really good aioli, garlic sauce, some green peppers with a little good olive oil and a few radishes also with a little oil and salt … and do not forget a good wine from Mallorca.

Bon Appetite

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