Gastronomy Recipes: Mallorcan Pie, patty or Panades

The most typical pie in Mallorca is the one called “panades”;

What would be for the people in Mallorca the Easter time without “panades”?…Nothing, it would not be at all the same.

This pie is an ancient food whose origin is in dispute between the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities of the Mediterranean basin, although it is known that the Romans made stuffed bread with egg, so we are not going to get into this dispute. All countries in the world have their own pies in their culture as the “panades” are part of the culture in Mallorca and one of our most famous recipes.

Easter time in Mallorca is time to do “panades”, to organize a day, if possible the first day of Easter, and together with friends, mothers, mothers in law, sisters etc., a family day to laugh and enjoy long-standing tradition and succulent recipe…a day to finish with a tummy ache that you cannot stand for having eaten fresh “panades” from the oven, that’s how we like more but they are few takes bellies.

These Mallorcan pies, and leaving aside the jokes, are a delight to the palate. It is a tradition of Easter in the island and are usually stuffed with meat but there are many variations that I cannot say which one is the richest…I love all of them.

Meat should be lamb, I mix it with other meats because I like more, they are also with peas and meat, for me the ones with peas are the best as they are much more juicy and tender and do not miss “sobrassada” and bacon into small pieces, although more traditional are the lamb ones…but there are many people that filled what they like, including fish.

Here I leave the recipe for varied meat pies with peas:

Preparation time: 3 hours.

Difficulty: Medium.

Cost: Medium.

FOR THE DOUGH: 200 g of lard, 1 wine glass of olive oil, 1 glass wine of water, salt, flour (which usually accepts 1 kg). Put in a bowl the lard that is already soft, add the oil and water and mix to form a cream. Add salt and gradually add the flour while mixing until we will see a well integrated and manageable dough. If it is a little soft add more flour. Let stand for half an hour.

STUFFING: one a a half kilo of varied meat like lamb leg, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, 500 gr of peas that can be frozen, 2 bunches of tender onions, salt, pepper and paprika, olive oil, 300 gr of bacon and some “sobrassada”. Cut into not too big or too small all the meat pieces and mix them together. Season them with salt and pepper. In another bowl, put the tender peas, tiny cut onions and season with salt, pepper and paprika. Cut bacon into cubes and pinching “sobrassada”.

One we have the dough and the stuffing ready, prepare a few pieces of paper that can go in the oven and cut it in squares, this will help us to shape the patties and put them on the baking sheet without sticking. Make dumplings about 80 gr each, which will serve to form the pie and save a little dough to make the covers.

Take every one of the balls and start making pies forms, like a bowl, but do them as thin as possible. Fill them with meat and peas and put two pieces of bacon and two pinches of “sobrassada”. Do the lids stretching with roll a piece of dough making a circle to cover the “panades” and piched the edges together so they are closed harmoniously.

Bake at 180 degrees for about 50 minutes and enjoy them.

See more photos about how to do this Mallorcan Pie in our Flickr Channel.

Bon Appetite…

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  1. Christer says:

    Interesting article about this typical pie from Mallorca, I have tried and are delicious.
    Thanks for putting so good pictures of the process, want to eat them.
    I will keep an eye on your blog as i am a Mallorca Lover and love Mallorcan food.

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