The Hermitage of Sant Honorat in Cura Mountain

The Hermitage of Sant Honorat, a corner for spirituality in Mallorca;

Going up the Puig de Randa there is a chapel and a building with rooms and dining room that has a long history whose origins date back to 1394. This is the Hermitage of Sant Honorat, a place wrapped in the magic transmitting Randa mountain, full of peace and power, an open place where Catholics and spiritual retreats are held, meetings of reiki, tai chi, Buddhists, Lutherans and all kind of religions, a place that is a corner for spirituality.

The Hermitage of Sant Honorat is considered a place to meditate, reflect and soothe feelings, renew the meaning of life or internalize, seek answers, interpret the way, your day by day, with the eyes of God, being helped by whom always with us and has a plan of love for everyone. A place to forgive, ask for forgiveness, respect, rediscover the message of Jesus, enjoy the solitude and peace, read a book, be quiet or listen to music. A place to hang out and enjoy the scenery, help by providing your experiences, hear and be heard, share, exchange ideas. “All this and more is what you will find and will be offered by the responsible people of the Hermitage of Sant Honorat, managed since 1890 by the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts, incredible place between the mountains with a great panorama, that since middle of last century is offering courses for Christianity and spirituality and is a retirement place.

In this wonderful place retirement and accompaniment is combined. A lot of seminars and exercises are organized. From long time ago been flocking groups of Catholics withdrawals (nuns, catechists…), reiki, tai chi, Buddhist, yoga ayurveda, Chinese Catholics on the island, psychologists, etc.. The range of visitors is really wide. It has also been and remains today a point of brotherhood and sisterhood of different religions.

The enclosure has fifteen places available under reservation for those who want to make withdrawals, exercises or courses, and who want to enjoy such a privileged environment on prior voluntary donation. It is easy to access and visit the chapel, but without consultation and prior approval is not possible to access the interior of the enclosure.

As they say, the responsible staff, the community of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts who live in the Hermitage of Sant Honorat, are open to diverse spiritualties trends and the various religious traditions because as long as they are a treasure of humanity.

The Hermitage of Sant Honorat dates from 1394 when the noble Arnau Desbrull (Inca) after living nearly thirty years in the Puig de Randa, accompanied by Matthew Catlar (Selva) asked the Bishop of Mallorca, Llu?s de Prades, license to build a chapel with altar and bell under the invocation of Sant Honorat, which could celebrate Mass and other divine offices. He was awarded the requested license and Noble Arnau Desbrull chose the end part of Puig, the more sheltered from the winds from the north and mistral , which faces mitjorn on a superb cliff cut lead about 450 meters high, and it’s like a balcony of heaven on earth where the great plain of Llucmajor and Campos appreciated. According to a plaque placed on the site of the present church was blessed on January 16, 1397. The church just how it is today was built by workers, and juries from Algaida (1654-1661), the patron of the town is Sant Honorat. Formerly, the image of “Sant Crist dels Ermitans” enjoyed great devotion by the faithful who beat their breasts in front of her with the belief that the sins were erased as well. For many years there were no people in the hermitage. All the work on the present church was completed in 1661.

The Hermitage of Sant Honorat is linked to important historical and religious figures as Blessed Ramon Llull or Blessed Francesc Palau, founder of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelite, which gave rise to the Carmelite Missionary Sisters and was beatified by John Paul II in 1988.

It is included in the municipal territory of Algaida.

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Hermitage of Santa Magdalena Inca: 39.728603, 2.957272
Hermitage of Sant Honorat Randa: 39.520000, 2.917500
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Hermitage of Sant Honorat Randa
Puig de Randa, Balearic Islands, Spain
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Hermitage of Santa Magdalena Inca
Ermita Santa Magdalena, Balearic Islands, Spain

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