Hiking around Mallorca

Mallorca, an ideal place for hiking;

There are plenty of reasons because Mallorca is a good option for hiking as it has a big quantity of landscapes,either go walking you through the mountains, along the coast or on the plain of the Island you will keep discovering amazing nature sceneries and you will be impress during all the time that you go walking through the Island.

There are many option and different places but most walking routes are located in the Tramuntana Mountains, called Serra de Tramuntana in our language, on the northeastern coast of Mallorca. In June 2011, the Serra de Tramuntana was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There you will enjoy a wonderful views, fantastic landscapes, spectacular streams and the highest mountains on the island with several peaks rising above 1,000 meters. The highest peak in Mallorca is Puig Major and is 1,443 meters high. To go walking through Serra de Tramuntana is plenty of options and we could write a lot of articles about it. Despite is an interesting writing and reading, what you do at the moment is to bring up to you all official itineraries published by Balearic Goverment, that is faster and plenty of information. Tramuntana Mountains Itineraries.

Llevant Natural Park is also a great part from the Island for hiking. Located in the town of Artá, occupies an area of 1,576 hectares represented by a harmonious combination of the sea and the mountains of Mallorca. The Llevant Mountains are not as high and are more irregular than the Tramuntana Mountains but it doesn´t mean are not so interesting. If you are a sea view lover, you can also walk along the coast, especially if you want to enjoy the peace and solitude of the beautiful virgin beaches hidden in the coast. Such is the case of the Artá beaches, in the Llevant nature park, or a number of virgin beaches in the municipality of Manacor. Llevant Natural Park Itineraries.

Depending on what you would like to during your walking route, there is plenty of options that we will upload step by step.

As you are in a fervent believer Island, you will find some interesting places of pilgrimage on which routes you will be taken into the the history and traditions of our heritage, like going to Lluc Monastery, Sant Salvador Monastery, Sant Honorat in Cura Mountain and much more as Mallorca is plenty of Churches and Hermitages. In Lluc Monastery you will find a place plenty of spirituality where everybody is welcome and such ancestral songs as “Cant de sa Sibil.la”, a Medieval prophecy of the end of the World that has been declared part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, (check it here) and also from there is plenty of options for making a very interesting hiking routes in Serra de Tramuntana not so long as if you star from your hotel. Itineraries in Serra de Tramuntana from Lluc Monastery.

Another good reason of hiking in Mallorca is that will allow you to discover the island´s traditional way of life, exploring it and discovering traces of our history and culture in the landscape. Part of our immaterial heritage is connected to charcoal formed by stone structures that you still can see such as huts, charcoal hearths, etc. Another interesting heritage feature in Mallorca are snow deposits and how the were used a lot of years ago to store snow and make ice. Other heritage elements include dry-stone paths, fountains and water mills. In a future we will be adding articles with all the information about all these interesting visits for hiking in Mallorca and lots of legends and mysteries that we will post as we go writing articles on them, such as legends and mysteries about UFOs in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Furthermore, hiking also allows you to discover the Balearic flora and its endemic species, the unique Tramuntana forest with holm oak and olive trees, and, in the Llevant region, the giant reed, pine and strawberry trees. It is also easy to watch the local wildlife: black vultures, goats and donkeys.

The Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria was living in Mallorca and was a great lover of the island. He was admired by the mountain landscapes. He built the Archduke´s trail with several viewpoints along the way so that visitors, like Sissi Empress of Austria, could admire the stunning views.

Mallorca is an ideal place to go walking and hiking because of the good weather, the splendor of its landscapes and the perfect combination of mountain and sea and is why is an emerging activity that is increasingly more popular on the paths of Mallorca.

Important: when you are going to be hiking around Mallorca, never forget to take Safety Precautions. Check them here.

We will keep on adding information about routes and places and all articles that can help to you with everything you may need for hiking on our Island.

Enjoy it.

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