How to choose the right villa

If you have arrived here, I am almost sure that your next holiday destination is going to be Mallorca. I will go further and I will deduce that you are thinking of renting a villa. At this point you will already be thinking that, somehow, the one who writes these lines will surely have telepathic powers.

It’s not that. Here at we are simply local specialists in holiday rental homes, and if you have arrived here it is clear that you are looking for a villa on the island to rent.

Over the years many clients have passed through our hands and we have gradually begun to know how to choose the best villas for them. All this accumulated experience will help us now explain in a few lines how to choose the property that will best suit you.

For those traveling with family

View of villas in the area of Pollensa

Depending on who you travel with the choosing the villa and its location is one of the most important factors to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Mallorca.

If you travel with the family you will probably want to enjoy them, away from the crowded tourist areas, so without going any further we recommend a house with pool and barbecue. From experience we know that the parties beside the barbecue and the swimming pool tend to elongate, so if there are children and older people who will surely need more rest, it is convenient that the house has its “barbecue house” separately so that the noises Interfere less with the rest of others.

For trips of this type we recommend areas like Pollensa or Puerto Pollensa, which are very close to the beach. This way the whole family can enjoy their stay. The center of the city is full of good restaurants and there is a weekly market, one of the best on the island, where you can enjoy buying typical products from Mallorca.

For those traveling with friends

First of all, i would like to mention that the most important thing if you travel to Mallorca with friends is not the choice of the house, but the choice of the friends themselves. If you do not choose well with whom you want to travel, this could be your last trip with them.

If you are going to come with your friends you will probably be between 18 and 30 years old. We do not want to exclude others, it is only based on our statistics.

In this case, we recommend a villa near the center of the city and also near the beach. We know that during the holidays maybe you will have some drinks here and there and we hate loosing clients, we recommend not to get behind the wheel of a car.

Alcúdia, Santa Ponça, Calvia, are some of the best destinations if you travel in a group. These areas are very close to the main party spots of the island.

For those traveling as a couple (without children)

View of villas located close to Cala d'Or

If you travel as a couple you will need a lot of privacy, we know it. There are a few small and very interesting villas in the northern part of the island. Pollensa, Soller, or also for the more adventurous, a little house in the Tramuntana with views over the cliffs.

Another good option for those traveling as a couple would be to rent an apartment in Palma. There are thousands of good restaurants where to have a romantic dinner and since you have come with your partner, surely you will not waste your time cooking.

If you are sunbathing all the time, (this applies also to all others), a good option would be to look for a villa in the area of Cala d’Or ​​or Santanyí, the beaches of this part of the island are the best. Es Trenc is one of the best beaches in the world and is only a few miles from Santanyí.

If you are still undecided where and what to rent remember that you can simply contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the best accommodation for you.

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