Inland Mallorca, more than sun and beach

The brochure features Mallorca always the image of a tourist beach, especially highlighting coastal landscapes and touristic resorts. However, for centuries the island lived with his back to the sea. Inland Mallorca was inside land, far from the sea. With villages defended by towers and walls, large churches, very simple dwellings sandstone, “corrals” or mallorcan patios with fig trees and a chicken coop, shaded street with small and stone houses and big aristocratic houses called “possessions”. We invite you to know it The Real Mallorca much more.

This inland has been transforming its profile from long time ago. Tourism, which initially ignored the inland of Mallorca, has turned more and more interested on it already from the beginning of the tourism industry history on the Island. For a lot of people from all Europe nothing has been more tempting than a house in a village in Mallorca as the island is considered the second best place to live in the world. Relax in an atmosphere of great beauty, and well connected to the outside. This has produced a population of “new Mallorcan” who enjoy that deep part of our Island, that is not just a marginal and agricultural area, is much more than this.

Mallorca, in its entirety, provides countless towns and cities with a major cultural roots where the Mallorcan and not Mallorcan people live in a mixture of many civilizations that have been perfectly combined the passage of time and developing an own identity, marked by modern cosmopolitan concept, open to the world, friendly, cheerful, cheery, but the current Mallorca has not lost its own identity.

In our Island, the people live our own culture and folklore as a big treasure that is worth defending and enjoying and, thanks to these attitude, institutions support this spirit, which keeps folk music alive. Music identifies us as a community.

We are keeping our gastronomy that has historically been tied to Mallorca history. It is the result of the heritage of the Roman, Hebrew, Muslim and Catalan cultures, and also the result of the English, German and even Asian current gastronomic influence.

If you observe the nature in Mallorca, you simply fall in love with this island. Its bird richness is unquestionable and draws the attention of all the nature lovers that visit our Island every year. UNESCO has been accepting “Serra de Tramuntana” as a World Heritage. It has an amazing variety of landscapes. Such variety consists of mountains, coast and plains. Some paths go back to Arab times, while others, which were used by coal miners and connecting villages, run through the forest.

All this folklore, gastronomy, nature and more interesting part, are part of The Real Mallorca, without forgetting resorts and beaches, of course, they are the main activity on the Island, but we will try to bring some information to all our readers to understand much more our Island.

Hope you will enjoy it…:-)))

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