Mallorca Airport Transfers, save money and time

Mallorca Airport Transfers with cheap prices, book them in a secure way and save money and time;

To book your low cost transfer from Palma de Mallorca Airport to you accommodation in Mallorca, private taxis, minibus or bus for groups, is an important factor that must be taken into account when scheduling your holiday in Mallorca.

There are many options on internet offering transfers from Palma de Mallorca Airport and you must book the option that will be more confidence and secure for you, but the most important when you arrive to Palma de Mallorca Airport is already have the transfer reserved, is the best way to avoid surprises and have to look later for solutions, sometimes impractical, in the last moment, once in the airport.


You must take into account that Palma de Mallorca Airport, known as well as Son Sant Joan Airport, is the third in traffic volume in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona with a volume of 22 million passengers annually, having a dispatching capacity in peak hours of 12,000 passengers per hour, which can help you to understand what a visitor of Mallorca can find in several moments in the high tourist season on the island Obviously this movement at Palma de Mallorca Airport is also reflected in transport fleet on the island, so it is always better to have everything scheduled.

It is clear that there are many internet advertising about cheap transfers prices from Palma de Mallorca Airport, but you should not be fooled by this, prices are regulated by the Balearic Transportation Council and there is little margin maneuver when dealing with official price, so this type of service is not associated with any public auction and if you can get a few euros difference between carriers, will not be enough to go to a restaurant anyway, sure.

They say that the crisis exacerbated the ingenuity of people and here, in Mallorca, due to the current situation throughout the Spanish territory and the big crisis Spaniards have to suffer, sure you’ll find plenty of people offering private transfer service from Palma de Mallorca Airport through a lot of internet websites of doubtful credibility or through travel forums, which obviously we do not recommend it to you if it is to save 10 euros each way, one time it can become much more expensive. The simple fact that you can be stranded in Palma de Mallorca Airport because you have hired this illegal service if this person that contacted you is not coming, it is sufficient to consider such services, or the quantity of hours you can lose plenty of bad moments are not worth the 10 euros you can save, without going into more dramatic situations like that in a possible illegal transfer an accident happen and the vehicle is not insured. Not worth the risk.

From Book Mallorca we offer a personalized service to suit your needs where you can choose from a wide range of transfers from Palma de Mallorca Airport, transfer by minibus, taxi, bus if you are traveling in a large group or if you want a VIP service we can provide the transfer from Palma de Mallorca Airport to your destination in luxury vehicle, provided in a safe and legal way with official prices.

Booking a transfer service from Palma de Mallorca Airport with us, you will have all these advantages:

* Official and Competitive Pricing, you will know in advance the cost of the transfer through our official price list.

* We adapt ourselves to your schedule of arrival, just tell us your arrival time, flight number and we monitor and control your flight to be available at the time of landing.

* No need to worry if there are delays, we will keep waiting as we have a fleet ready for it.

* Our meeting will be very simple and easy, we will be waiting for you at the Meeting Point in Palma de Mallorca Airport hanging your name, so you will recognize us immediately.

* Comfortable and responsible service, your transfer will be fully protected , you do not need to stand in long queues at Palma de Mallorca Airport waiting for a taxi or until the bus is full, you will enjoy your holiday from the first moment , within a minutes we’ll be out from airport and on the way to your accommodation in Mallorca.

* Save time and money, in the list of official prices there are no thirds parts in between, any commissions, you book directly.

* Surely, when booking your transfer, to or from Palma de Mallorca Airport, with an official company and registered with the Balearic Transportation Council, it offers all the official assurances of compliance with all kind of rules in Mallorca.

* Safety Pay, our payment service with credit card is provided by the largest Spanish bank, Banco Santander Central Hispano.

It is clear and evident that all are advantages, simply go to our transfer section and book or contact us, we do all kinds of transfer from Palma de Mallorca to any point on the island or from anywhere on the Island to Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Go to Booking Page.

Some information about Palma de Mallorca Airport like maps, gates, desks, tickets that could be of your interest: ArrivalsDepartures

Have a nice transfer and enjoy your holidays.

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