Mallorca Beaches, plenty of options

Everybody knows that it’s always nice to travel to Mallorca and enjoy a summer holiday with friends or family, who doesn´t like Mallorca and its beaches.

Precisely about Mallorcan beaches is what we will try to inform about in this section of our blog, which is not easy because of the extensive information that we will have to upload to satisfy the curiosity of our readers as the island offers over 450 kilometers of coast with around 208 beaches on which to speak, which obviously will not do, we will try to upload the best known beaches and some recommendations.

Choosing a beach?…it becomes difficult if we speak about Mallorca…so many kilometers of coastline and so many different beaches a visitor can visit…it is something very personal to each of you, we are all different when it comes to our elections. Decide which are the best beaches in a place, either Mallorca or any area of the Caribbean, it can be risky, as it is a very subjective choice, as colors, something for all tastes. What will remain forever in our memories is the satisfying swim in the crystal clear sea, the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the island and surely leaves a lasting memory that will make us want to return in the future.

The beaches of Mallorca are ordered by the Government of the Balearic Islands with the following criteria to provide optimal information to the millions of visitors we receive every year: by municipality, characteristics and services. We in our blog, we will provide the information of the beaches per characteristics, in this way, you will be always informed about the town and beach services.

The characteristics that are classified the beaches in Mallorca are:

Sand Beaches

Sand Beaches in our Blog.

Gravel Beaches

Gravel Beaches in our Blog.

Rock Beaches

Rock Beaches in our Blog.

Pebble Beaches

Pebble Beaches in our Blog.

Beaches with Access for Disable people

Mallorca Beaches with Dissable Access in our Blog.

Nudist Beaches

Mallorca Nudist and Naturist Beaches in our Blog.

Beaches with Anchoring Zone

Mallorca Beaches with Anchoring Zone in our Blog.

But all have a common characteristic…you can enjoy clean and generally calm waters. White sand or rock, or crystalline turquoise, secluded or crowded waters, all beaches in Mallorca have their charm. Everyone decides what type of beach likes more. Depending on the interest you have, you may want to hide in one of the beautiful rocky coves with fresh and clear waters, to which access must walk through woods and down the rocks and cliffs or, perhaps, one of multiple fine white beaches with facilities such as sunbeds, sun umbrellas and sand bars. They all enjoy the delicacies of the Mediterranean Sea and the wonderful natural environment of our island.

All areas of the island have charming coves. We can find beaches in the north of Mallorca, either pebble, rocks or sand beaches, all of crystal clear water, slightly cooler than the beaches of the south, or fine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, some still virgin, in the southeast area of the island.

When you will spend your summer holidays in the most popular areas for tourism, such as Palma, Calviá or Alcúdia areas, beaches offer many services and are prepared to offer relaxation and comfort, umbrellas, hammocks, showers, beach guards, bars and “chiringuitos”, pedal boats, etc.., where you can also find all kinds of water activities such as kite-surfing or riding in a fun “water banana”. These beaches have lifeguard service and some have ramps for disabled and adapted chairs so they can enjoy a swim in Mallorcan waters. The beach in Palma, the main city on the island, is one of the most popular beaches in Mallorca. Situated near the center of city, is one of the best maintained and communicated beaches on the island. Much of the holidaymakers coming to Mallorca every summer remain in resorts areas as Playa de Palma (Ca’n Pastilla, El Arenal, Cala Estancia), Magaluf, in Calviá, leisure area par excellence for British holidaymakers staying on the island or northern Mallorca, Alcudia, more focused on family holidays with children that has a wonderful and kilometric long beach of fine white sand, well known for being a safety beach for children because of its soft and prolonged drop. Most of these so busy beaches have the Blue Flag awarded by the EU to beaches that comply with all relevant safety regulations, and cleaning services, which is an added value to already, phenomenal beaches of Mallorca.

Among the numerous beaches on the island, we are not going to miss, of course, the tradition of naturist beaches. In Mallorca you can find several of them, near Palma or in other places of the island. Es Trenc, in Campos or Playa del Mago in Portals Vells, are some examples in which you can practice nudism.

One of the advantages of being an island, that must be taken into account when going to the beach in Mallorca, is that when the wind blows from the north, the beaches of the North Slope have strong waves, making them ideal for sports such as windsurfing, surfing and other variants, although you must take special care when out to sea kayaking, pedal boats or similar due it can be dangerous, the same thing happens when the wind blows from the south.

While resting on holidays on the island and see unusual days, we mean cloudy days or windy days, uncommon in summer time, before bathing is important to check the state of the sea and follow the directions of the flags that you will find at most beaches of Mallorca, the Green Flag indicates that there is no danger, Yellow Flag is a warning, you have to be careful and with Red Flag in any case we can go into the water, due to bad sea state. It is very important for safety reasons always follow the flags.

From Book Mallorca will try to provide the maximum and objective information about the most popular beaches on our island, which we hope will be of your interest.

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