The Gastronomy of Mallorca, a pleasure to taste…

The Gastronomy in Mallorca is rich, tasty and varied, Mallorcan Cuisine is a “pleasure to taste”. The main feature of Mallorcan Cuisine is the variety, reflection on one side of different cultures and civilizations with their Gastronomy Culture that have passed through the island and the richness of its raw materials: vegetable, fish and meat. The fact is that the typical Majorcan cuisine uses fresh, rich and varied products typical of the Mediterranean diet, the healthiest in the world and an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

Moreover, the good climate of Mallorca makes many foods grow up under the best conditions, another important aspect that makes our local products exceptional samples of Mediterranean cuisine.

During the passage of the centuries, Mallorca has been dominated by foreign peoples as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and in other islands of the Balearic Islands, by English and French.

The people who made their mark primarily in the Balearic gastronomy were the Romans, the Arabs, the British and the French. The Romans introduced on the island numerous olive trees (which today are considered a regional treasure of great value) and the vine, not to mention the capers that were a very important ingredient in Roman cuisine because they were specialists in seasoning fish and meat with carpers. The Arab influence is manifested mostly in desserts, but also note left on the poultry plates that have typical Arab cuisine bittersweet character. The British also influenced by introducing its cuisine on the island with the puddings and the creation of Gin, more than any other place, in Menorca island. As for the French, they introduced the cheese, the gateau and there is some speculation that had invented mayonnaise (which derives from Mahon, Menorca’s capital) from the ayolis or local aliolis.

The influence of all these cultures has meant that today the Balearic Islands have a varied and extensive gastronomy in the region but with some culinary differences between the different islands (and also a long history).

Regardless of the influence of all these different cultures, Mallorca cuisine is typical Mediterranean cuisine for obvious reasons, the most used ingredients are olive oil, pork and lamb, fish (or both simultaneously), the seafood, rice and vegetables, in short, is a cuisine that fuses the countryside with the sea and vice versa.

Mallorca shows different faces. There is the sophisticated one, that mixes celebrities and thousands of visitors annually, bustling areas, the bustling capital of Mallorca and calm, where life works “poc a poc” (slowly-slowly), but who get into real Mallorca will enjoy our gastronomy. A look at the sea, its extensive gardens, its landscapes of olive, almond, orange and lemon or stamp of the black pig, puts us on the track of culinary discovery that the island hides.

There are dishes for every time of year. Here, as in many other parts of Spain, the customs have gone with the time set the culinary calendar. So you can understand why certain time of year, and only those, Butifarrons (sausage) are consumed or Trampó (summer salad), Frit de Porc (Fried pork with potatoes and vegetables) or Sopas Mallorquinas (dry bread and vegetable soup) is prepared, but it does not mean that you as a visitor on the island cannot find these typical products in hotels or restaurants…even in most of bakeries you will find our most typical pie…the “Panades”.

“Here we have everything we need”…this is what say elderly people of the island, our mothers, our grandmothers…fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, herbs, oil…on the whole island held weekly outdoor markets, the farmers sell their products directly and in casserole comes what is in them. “Fresh and simple” is the slogan to master the secrets of its kitchen. With these ingredients, the Mallorcan cuisine is able to create dishes of exquisite simplicity that the best cooks in the world admire.

Mallorcan cuisine found in fish, pork, lamb, vegetables and a constant appreciation for the sweet taste applied to various meats and fish good, very typical of Mediterranean cuisine, not to mention its sausages, especially the spicy sausage, Sobrassada (Protected Geographical Indication Sobrassada de Mallorca), which has also acquired a deserved reputation…or fish, which is rich and varied, one of the tastiest in the world and is widely used in the preparation of stews and chowders.

Fish is a dish of local cuisine, for its abundance and variety. A local species, which only fishing in autumn, the Llampuga, is greatly appreciated and eaten fried with peppers and potatoes. The diverse variety of fish offered by our sea can be cooked in many ways, but one of the tastiest, is baked with lots of vegetables. The stuffed squid and pickled fish are also very common in the Mallorcan cuisine and if you are visiting Mallorca in winter time you should try Raoles de Jonquillo (whitebait rissoles) or Noodles Ray Casserole.

The country kitchen has to its credit with dishes like Sopes Mallorquines, vegetable stew, whose protagonist is wearing cabbage and slices of bread soaked in broth cooking, plus paprika, tomato, garlic…Another dish is the Frit Mallorquí preparing with known and appreciated potatoes of Sa Pobla, islanders blond peppers, purple carrot and lamb or pork offa…the Arròs Brut, a filling dish that combines the pleasure of meat with rice and vegetables…or Arròs Sec, paella type, which can be of vegetable, meat or seafood. It is also very typical dishes in Mallorca eat snails, with an elaborate combination of herbs. The roast suckling pig and lamb loin with cabbage, various kinds of vegetables, of trampó or fish, stuffed meat pies, fish or peas are many dishes that will offer all the flavor of the island and enrich your palate.

The Tumbet (fried vegetables with tomatoes) and Trampó (salad with fresh tomato, green pepper and onion with olive oil) are accompaniments during all the summer time and are the two quintessential dishes of Mallorcan cuisine. The first is a fried eggplant and tomato peppers covered and the second is a simple salad of tomato, pepper and onion. These are dishes that you can taste in any restaurant during all the year around, but they are typical summer dishes when the Mallorcan agricultural production is in full swing.

Vegetables and fruits are very tasty in Mallorca for a simple reason: the soil is rich in lime, which limits the absorption of minerals, usually there is not much water, and vegetables generally are small but more flavorful. The king of the island is the tomato over 1000 hectares planted. The “tomátigues de ramallet”, small tomatoes hanging on a string to dry outdoors, thus always available for tomato sauces and spreads consistent on country bread, “pa amb oli”, bread with oil and sausages, which must surely be the Mallorca´s national dish for its simplicity, flavor and easy when preparing.

In sausages, Sobrassada is the most important one in Mallorca, which is pork (lean and fat) with dry paprika, either sweet or spicy. The camaiot and botifarrón, which are made of similar forms: visceral and pork blood, being the typical sausage of the island, which does not mean that you can not find ham, cheese, salami…this can be found in any supermarket, but they have nothing to do with the culinary history of Mallorca.

The sweet tradition is also very rich and varied. It is here where there is the most typical and famous dish: The Ensaimada. Ensaimadas is a spiral-shaped cake made with flour, sugar and butter. It’s a sweet present throughout the year around in all celebrations. Stuffed pumpkin or cream, nougat, cream … it is simply something that any visitor should try.

We also stand out from the gató Mallorcan pastry, almond cake served with ice, robiols, sweet as mean moon stuffed with curd, cream or jam, and “Greixonera de Brossat”, based on curd and eggs.

The short distances inside the island are especially favorable for consumers as both vegetables and fruit are harvested at optimum ripeness and sold directly in markets. Although nearly all towns have a market with vegetables, ham, sausage and cheese, a gourmet should not miss the fresh and big markets in Palma, like Mercat de S´Olivar, with its large single issue pavilions dedicated to fish, to vegetables, to meat….There are also fresh herbs and capers famous exported to the world.

You will find our cuisine in many restaurants, including most hotels offer typical Mallorcan dishes to their customers, although in Mallorca still can be found “cellars” or old wine cellars, considered as ideal places to enjoy typical regional cuisine accompanied some wines to also taste the excellent wine tradition of the island, not to mention taste typical herbs like sweet liqueurs.

So whether you have been in Mallorca or it is the first time you visit us, we invite you dive into this section, not only to know the typical products of the island, but also to know where to find them or which are the best restaurants, that we will recommend in this section of our blog, to make your stay on this island perfect and you will never forget the richness of the cuisine of Mallorca.

Bon Profit (Bon Appetite)

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