Mallorca Nightlife

As the sun sets down, arrives a different moment in the sunny Island of Mallorca, the bars, clubs and restaurants are getting ready for the start of a party which will last all through the night, a different picture of the Island, a full Nightlife plenty of options.

Ibiza it isn´t, but Mallorca likes to party as much as the next island. You will find the widest range of nightlife in a lot of points of the Island, lively tapas bars and trendy cocktail bars, hot discos, glitzy beach clubs, local and traditional nightlife from different cities from the Island, as well as classical music venues, opera and theatre.
Mallorca´s varied nightlife caters for visitors of all ages and inclinations. Whether you prefer the gaudy dazzle of dance clubs or the relaxed enjoyment of theatres, outside concerts and shows, existing offer is so broad that in many bearings certainly will caught your attention and meet your expectations…is famous for its nightlife and you are sure to find a club or bar to suit your tastes. From Magalluf, the town that never sleeps to more sleepy retreats, to Pollensa or Alcudia, the Island offers something for everyone…
And you don´t need to dress up to start dining with tapas or go to the pub, unless you want to of course, nobody will complain but if you plan to end up at a selected nightclub, then you need to glam it up a bit.
As the day ends and night begins, Mallorca comes alive and you will find the hottest action. Well-known clubs such as BCM Planet Dance in Magalluf can accommodate 5,000 people each night and this type of crowd attracts well-known DJs & can easily compete with the competition from Ibiza.
We hope you will find in this section of our blog everything you need to enjoy our Nightlife.

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