Mallorca Public Transport-Bus and Timetables

Mallorca Public Buses and Timetables;

For the thousands of visitors to our island each year, the most common way to get around the island is the rental car, but the use of public transport is an excellent and affordable option to move across the island in a quick and low cost. See here the Bus Map with all Routes in Mallorca.

Mallorca has a network of public transport operated by Transport of the Balearic Islands (T.I.B.), integrated within the Transport Consortium of Mallorca to join with the main population centers of the island and E.M.T. that is the Transport Company for the urban bus in Palma de Mallorca.

The bus services on Mallorca offer a low cost approach to travelling around the island. Whilst the routes are extensive and it’s possible to travel by bus to most of the towns, villages & resorts, it is always necessary to check timetables as they tend to change depending of the time of the year and perhaps only operating once or twice a day. Don´t forget it, check always timetables on official websites.

Many of the bus journeys start or finish in Palma at Plaza España where you’ll also find tourist information and a ticket office. The public transport network linking all cities, towns, beaches and tourist areas of Mallorca. In Palma, the Intermodal Station centralizes all services offered by Transport of the Balearic Islands (T.I.B.) and from there you can easily go up to Plaza España and surrounding to take the Urban Bus from Palma de Mallorca city or the Airport Bus Service that runs on a medium frequency of 28 minutes.

Bus fares are a few euros, and you can pay the bus driver directly when you get on. They will have some change so you don’t need the exact money, but it would probably be helpful for the drivers if you can manage to avoid handing over a 50 Euro note as the driver, by new law, has the right to refuse those notes.

The transport within the island of Mallorca is divided in 5 routes and numbers are used for each route. For example, Route 100 is the one covering Palma to Puerto de Andraitx area but in this routes there are several bus lines and you have to check properly which one you are looking for as not all of them go to the same place. Be careful, in certain Routes there are up to 18 different lines. See the links below that will re-direct you to the exact routes where you will see all the stops and lines options:

100: Ponent Route that is covering from Palma de Mallorca to Puerto de Andraitx.

200: Tramuntana Route that is covering from Palma de Mallorca to Puerto de Soller.

300: Raiguer-Nord Route that is covering from Palma de Mallorca up to Can Picafort-Son Serra de Marina.

400: Pla-Llevant Route that is covering from Palma de Mallorca to Manacor and Cala Ratjada.

500: Migjorn Route that is covering from Palma de Mallorca to Campos and Cala D´Or.

Keep in mind that in any case will be possible to find in all Mallorca Public Transport Network an option to do transfers from Palma de Mallorca Airport to your private destination or direct public bus to the city you are going to stay during your holidays in Mallorca, you will have always to transfer in Plaza de España and take the correct bus in Intermodal Station. If you are looking for faster and private transfer, have a look here.

For information about Public Bus from Palma de Mallorca Airport to City Center, have a look here.

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