Gastronomy Recipes: Mallorca Whitebait Rissoles,Raoles de Jonquillo

Whitebait Rissoles or Patties in Mallorca, called “Raoles de Jonquillo” are a real and exclusive winter pleasure;

There is already on the market “Jonquillo”, Aphia Minuta, a goby fish like whitebait, and with it, lots of ideas and recipes are coming up to prepare and taste so tasty delicacy in Mallorca.

The goby, from whitebait families or Aphia Minuta, is a species that is fished mainly in the Mediterranean Sea although there are other geographical points where you can capture this kind of tiny little fish, in all of them regulated by law. But is especially in the northern part of the island of Mallorca where there are major fishing grounds and where is a lot of tradition at this time of the year, and is considered a delicacy all around the Island.

Although there are a lot of people using the name “chanquete, especially in the South of Spain, there are other names to describe this tiny fish, as may be “lorcho” in the North of Spain and “jonquillo” in the Balearic Islands and is a different species. The name, goby, comes from the Middle Age Italy, Genoa in particular, being a traditional dish in its gastronomy called zanchette, almost like in the South of Spain.

The goby is a very small and delicate fish that rarely reach up to 4 cm in length and usually do not live more than a year. They breed in summer when they migrate to deeper waters to spawn inside empty shells of bivalves and laid eggs, the adults die immediately afterwards. This is the main difference of this family of goby that is a real gobiinae if we compare with the more of 2000 species that we can find all around the world seas due the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fishing for this tiny fish is controlled by the European Regulation (EC) 1967/2006, it is a species that was endangered due to the massive and uncontrolled fishing and its official fishing varies each year depending on the amounts detected by the Department of Environment of the Balearic Islands. Usually it goes from December 16 until April. Fishing boats can only fish goby species with a maximum of 30 kilos per boat and per day, with fishing days only from Monday to Friday and between 06:00 and 16:00 and all the fishing is prohibited outside these schedules. The boats for this type of fishing need to be registered with appropriate authorization, existing in Mallorca a total of 44 boats, belonging to the guilds of Alcúdia, Pollensa, Palma, Andraitx, Colonia de Sant Jordi, Soller and Cala Ratjada.

One kilo of jonquillo can costs an average of 30 euros on the market, depending on the day and the amount of fish caught. It is and it is not expensive, from one kilo of jonquillo you can get much performance. It is a product exclusively from winter time with many culinary possibilities and perhaps today we provide you one of the best known and processed in Mallorca, the “raolas de jonquillo”, a kind of rissole made by mixing eggs, garlic, parsley and the goby basically, although always you have to consider your personal touch…consumer tastes.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: very easy

Price: High

Ingredients for 4 people: 300g. jonquillo (goby fish-whitebait), 2 fresh eggs, 1 teaspoon of yeast, 2 tablespoons of flour, 3 minced cloves garlic, parsley, salt and pepper, olive oil for frying.


Wash well the jonquillo and put it in a fine mesh strainer trying to take away if they have any algae or debris from the sea letting the goby to drain well.

In a bowl put the eggs with minced garlic, chopped parsley, a little salt and pepper and mix well with the jonquillo and then add the flour and yeast, get the flour bins all the mixture and add more or less according to your taste, with more flour rissoles will be stronger and yeast gives fluffiness but you can also do without thinking that in this case would be more like a jonquillo omelet. Once is perfectly mixed let it stand for half an hour in the fridge to go thickening and taking flavor.

Fry it in a frying pan plenty of hot olive oil, putting more or less a spoon of jonquillo mixture in the oil to do the rissoles. Remove and drain on absorbent paper towels. Serve it hot accompanied by a salad or just as a starter or appetizer.


If you want to enlarge the mass to obtain more rissoles, add more egg.

Eat always hot like all fried foods.

Is better to add the salt at the end and carefully.

Garlic is a consumer taste, if you don´t like you can do the jonquillo rissoles but it is ideal for this preparation.

If you are visiting the island during the winter season, do not miss the chance to taste such succulent dish, easy to prepare and you can easily find at some restaurants, sure you will enjoy it a lot and repeat.

Bon Appetite

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