Parasailing in Alcudia, Playas de Muro and Magaluf Beaches

Enjoying some watersports in Mallorca Beaches;

On the beaches of Alcudia, Playas de Muro or Magaluf, water activities are part of the typical summer scene on our shores, fun conjoined with the adrenaline rush that provides all these activities are visible part of the holiday in Mallorca…Who has not seen any time tourists or local people mounted on parachute flying over the beaches in Mallorca?

Enjoy the Flying Fish, a kind of half and half floating kite flying attached to a high-powered speedboat which will make our adrenaline shoot up, trying to balance on aquatic banana sailing at full speed, ride with friends on the Crazy Ufo and glide to an amazing speed over the sea if it is calm or fly from wave to wave, are many activities that can be performed on our beaches, either alone or with friends, these activities give us the opportunity to enjoy the beach from a very different perspective, a crazy but a very fun perspective.

Parasailing or Parascending is one of these star activities, consisting of a parachute pulled by a speedboat where the passenger is secured with a paragliding harness and attached to a boat via a cable of considerable thickness, an activity that can be done alone or with several people at the same time, reaching a spectacular high. As the boat gains speed, an expert guide will drop cable to the glider will gain altitude. It’s a totally fun activity, so no need to enjoy prior knowledge or special physical form. If we want to feel a thrilling sensation and see the landscape from above, Parasailing or Parascending is an ideal activity, we did love it.

If wind conditions are suitable, you can get yourself a height of 400 meters above the sea. From up there Alcudia Beach or Playa de Muro are totally spectacular and Magaluf Beach, it is a way of seeing these beaches of unparalleled and unique way.

We were lucky enough to receive an invitation from the company Funny Beach, with offices in Alcudia, Playas de Muro and Magaluf, for a fun and different day. Funny Beach is a company dedicated to organize all kinds of water sports and to offer to families, children and friends the opportunity to have fun in the sea, practicing all kind of water sports and for more than 25 years, Funny Beach has given the opportunity to enjoy our beaches doing Parasailing or feeling the speed gliding on the waves in various attractions, such as Banana, Ringos, Crazy Ufo or Fly.

 We could see from the start as the monitors we ensured maximum safety for us to enjoy the adventure and we should forget everything else. Likewise, they were responsible for giving the essential guidelines for the conduct of the activity and could see that they had a proper technical team to ensure our safety and went in his boat 8 people and not stop laughing throughout the activity.

The inflatable Banana was a time of real fun and pure adrenaline. We rode for about 15 minutes or so dragged by a speedboat riding the waves and trying not to tip over or fall down of aquatic banana, that was the challenge and we got, were 15 minutes crazy and very funny.

Of course we tried quite a few more activities like ringos the ufo crazy, flyin fish at any time using the corresponding lifejackets, even some of our group ventured a ride in pedalos after so much water activities, but were few.

Here we leave the main contact phone number that you can use to contact any of their delegations in Mallorca: +34 609198182 

When calling, tell them you have been reading about them in Book Mallorca Travel Information Blog, you will be well attended.

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