Mallorca Private Rentals for your Holidays


Traveling is one of the most popular activities in the world and everyone would like to enjoy a hotel with all the services and amenities offered. But people who travel often end up longing for home, the convenience of having your own kitchen, your everyday objects, your environment, your privacy…the discomfort of following a schedule for meals, the bother of cleaning lady, the evening entertainment and many others that make us to desire more…enjoy the comfort of being at home, eating when we feel like it, being stretched on the sofa and many small details that make us feel much more comfortable and relaxed…Does it happen to you?.

From here starts the idea of online websites offering private properties for Free Travelers, to feel really free, independent and for reasonable prices. The peculiarity of this system is that it is fully prepared to inhabit dwellings immediately offered during the seasons when their owners are away or are owners who own several properties and get some rent for short periods. Being able to access this type of properties to be a Free Traveler in any part of the world where you want to spend a few days, joining in the dynamics of particular destination without the hassles of crowds that are in the hotels, will make you feel as if were in your own home, is really to be an Independent Traveler (Flexible Independent Travel).

Are undeniable advantages in all ways, these properties are ideally located in the tourist center of the city, next to the best beaches, in rural areas, in ski resorts and many different options, offering different qualities and all the amenities one could wish or afford. The decor, the kitchen, the bathroom, the couch…all invite to feel at home been abroad…the best place to relax and enjoy.

As for the price… there is plenty of options, is up to you. The main advantage of renting a house from an owner who puts at your disposal a private property is that you can choose from a one room apartment to impressive homes able to accommodate groups of many people, depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms available. Also, to save on meals, breakfast and dinner because count with own kitchen. Normally, the fact of renting directly on these trips saves you approximately 35% of your budget compared to what you should pay staying at a hotel in the same area and category. Please note that the price must be evaluated dividing the number of people who will occupy the house. If you pay 150 euro for 4 guests and in a hotel you should book 2 rooms, the comparison is no longer any doubt. Don´t mention if you are a friends group of 10 people and you pay 1.000 euro per day to stay in a large property ready for it…how much would it cost 5 double rooms in a hotel?, just check it by yourself, internet is plenty of options where to see hotels and prices and, once you got rated, have a look at our Villas to rent in Mallorca section or our Apartments to rent in Mallorca section and compare, very simple.

Then there are the conditions: some houses are able for children, some not, many have beautiful terraces and gardens, overlooking the sea, the mountains, there are non-smoking, handicap accessible…well, a whole interesting world to enjoy a strange city like if you were a neighbor…

All advantages …try it and feel a Free Traveler¡

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