Restaurants in Alcudia, recommended or the best, depends

Restaurants in Alcudia, recommended restaurants, the best restaurants in Port of Alcudia…we think that it all depends on what you are looking for.

The culinary tradition of Alcudia is very rich and varied, like all Gastronomy in Mallorca, containing from the homemade taste that have been passed through generations transmitting the culinary knowledge that has led to tastiest and different recipes within the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, to a wide variety of international cuisine.

But Alcudia is a town of culinary extremes, a land of opposites where everything has a face and cross. A dichotomy is also reflected in its culinary tradition. In Alcudia you will find very good meat, like in La Traviata 1990, coming from northern Spain or succulent red meat from South America and, of course, the seafood dishes that can be found in its most entrenched recipe.

Puerto de Alcudia has always been a fishing village and today even fishing boats called “Barca de Bou” (see the picture below) arrive almost daily offshore, download fishing, mending their nets and leave them ready for a new day. Many restaurants are close to buy fish directly from the fishermen, it is truly a luxury if you are a fish lover. Many of the restaurants in the area acquire their daily fresh fish directly from the boats, and can do it yourself through the Lonja del Pescado (Fish Market) in Alcudia, but only at specific times.

Evidently Alcudia breathes Mediterranean cuisine in each flavor ingredients and cooking methods but surely you will find in the multitude of good restaurants around the area great deal of creativity and ingenuity. In the kitchens of Alcudia you will find a mostly indigenous raw materials of high quality and superb taste which give character and value to the restaurants as not only find a cuisine rooted in the land and its products, but also many of its restaurants have a cultural background linked to the history, from simple dishes from the peasant cuisine of Mallorca as I can be a simple “Pa amb Oli” to fishermen dishes, authentic gastronomic luxury values for fish lovers.

Kitchen buffet offered from hotels to which you can access even if you are not staying in them, Asian restaurants and fish and chips are mixed with small family restaurants in Alcudia with long tradition in the area and mesons with homemade local food on offer daily menus at very economic prices and more affordable for all pocket, beach bars and paella on the beach, restaurants of all nationalities, flavors and colors that contrast with other gastronomic corners of authentic luxury.

Alcudia is not a place to go to dinner at a “Celler” if you’re looking for is kitchen typically from Mallorca but bot for this reason you cannot find, especially in Alcudia town, restaurants with a wide and exquisite range of all kinds of dishes typical of our cuisine as “Tumbet”, “snails”, “Mallorcan stuffed eggplant”, “baked fish”, rich and refined Mediterranean cuisine that you will not find in many places. This is a cuisine with some added historical values that often presents some roasted dishes, casseroles or stuffed with a unique delicacy and baroque lavishness.

If you want to enjoy the taste of Mallorca through tapas, the best we dare with typical Mallorcan varied that you will find in many places in Alcudia and Puerto Alcudia, a lid that covers, in turn, various tapas and is usually composed of salad, squid, croquettes, pica-pica, octopus, etc.., called in Mallorca “A Variat” (see photo below).

And of course, if you are a fish lover, the Port of Alcudia offers exquisite cuisine restaurants which include sea products typical of the area like scorpionfish, sea bass, grouperJohn Dory dish tremendously delicious fried and cooked with garlic, Mallorcan grilled shrimp, multitude of seafood and a large selection of rice to suit any taste and palate, without forgetting the Mallorcan lobster stew (see photo below). For all this if you want to try fresh fish offered by the Mediterranean you should not miss some of the restaurants in Alcudia..

Lovers of good food will find many restaurants that will delight the most discerning “foodies”. The quality of raw materials and the expertise of its professionals will conquer you through the best dishes of the entire supply in Alcudia made with love and served with the best wines, a real treat for the senses.

The Bay of Alcudia perfectly combines tourism development, with its rich heritage and natural sites, for you to enjoy this privileged enclave.

You can enjoy some Mallorca Recipes here.

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