Mirador Sa Foradada, a nice Sunset walk

“Mirador Sa Foradada” in Deià, Mallorca, also known as “Mirador Na Foradada”, an indescribable beauty in a sunset…

Sa Foradada, in the private land of Son Marroig, Deià. was formerly an island and so can be seen in most old maps of Mallorca, including Cardinal DESPUIG maps (Antonio DESPUIG i Dameto).

Among other legends in this fantastic landscape of the island, there is one that features there was a famous battle when, in 1582, hundred fifty North African corsairs were defeated by Christians, commanded by Captain Matthew Sanglada, and according to this legend, the rock hole is a sequel of this battle, which there is, as it is certain that the huge hole of sixty feet in diameter, was caused by the erosion of time.

What is certain is that as a result of this and many other pirate raids that the island has undergone throughout its history, it was decided to build a system of fortifications, including the Torre de Sa Pedrissa, to protect the coast from these and many other invasions that Mallorca has suffered throughout its history (but this will be another post).

The current access road to Sa Foradada was promoted by the Archduke Luis Salvador and through the estate of Son Marroig, acquired by the author of “Die Balearen“, who reformed the old house, retaining the XVI century fortified tower and making Italian style extensions. He also built on a fantastic corner of the garden a small neoclassical temple done with Carrara marble that rises amid magnificent scenery, from where it dominates Sa Foradada tip (photos of Son Marroig here).

The road to Sa Foradada through the estate of Son Marroig runs between olive groves and offers landscapes of extraordinary beauty as it moves through the narrow peninsula. The cove, Cala de es Coco, with spectacular turquoise waters, and the landing at the end, are two exceptional places to stop and admire the place, they are places to remember.

In the shelter of the rock, the coast is conducive to anchor there and scuba diving. The small cove is a wonderful place to swim in a fresh and clear water. Is a place for scuba lovers, kayak, trekking and much more.

This tour is simple, almost a walk, for walkers of all ages, just about 40 minutes. It is enough from noon to eat and rest in the dock area then up to the lookout and enjoy from there to one of the most beautiful sunsets of Mallorca, in fact, one of the most postcard images and photos taken every day that represents the Sierra de Tramontana and its Natural Landscape.

We could say that Sa Foradada is actually one of the most visited places in Mallorca, everybody has visited it would recommend it and, of course, will visit it again and it just means a 45 minutes hike down a winding gravel road. The start of the walk involves climbing over an iron gate and there are signs that make sure you are walking in the right way, a way plenty of olive trees during the first 10 minutes of the hike and also loads of sheep that roam the dry land eating grass and they run away from you if you approach them and you will hear the big cowbells they have in big collars around their neck.

To go to Mirador Sa Foradada or Na Foradada is very simple and not complicated at all. The place is perfectly suited for the road and a bit before reaching the road Deià to Valldemossa. Specifically, among s’Estaca and Deià. Sa Foradada is an image captured by thousands of people every day and has been an inspiration for many artists.

Have a virtual tour to this paradise here, it will help you to decide to go and enjoy.

See more photos about Sa Foradada here.

Have a nice walk…

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