The Sobrassada Recipe-Mallorcan Sausage

How to do Sobrassada?

When is time to do Sobrassada in Mallorca, the typical majorcan sausage, each family of Mallorca, families that still make themselves sobrassada, is a different world, which is perfectly understandable, and they adapt the shape, texture and flavor of the sobrassada to their tastes and needs. Note that not all Mallorcan families make their own sobrassada and that current trends make more efforts in buying it when we feel like.

First of all, note that when any of you implemented a recipe, whatever it is, your personal taste always prevails. Some like more with a strong taste of salt, other very spicy or can like it very sweet…is indisputable that for taste, there is nothing written.

However, to let you know what is the recipe of sobrassada, we will follow the recipe marked by the regulatory council, since the variables that may apply to this recipe are as indicated above, that is, your personal taste.

The Controller Board of the sobrassada has entrusted the defense of the special designation, the application of its rules, and the promotion and control of sobrassadas from Mallorca. The works carried out by Controller Board are:

Monitoring of compliance with the requirements of production, processing and healing of Sobrassada from Mallorca, conducting regular checks of product quality through inspections of processors and physical, chemical and sensory analysis with careful control of the Mallorcan black pig breeding in order to ensure adequate supply.

The IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) provides two types of sobrassada:

Sobrassada of Mallorca made with pork and the Sobrassada with black pig meat, produced exclusively with Mallorcan black pig and inlaid with natural gut. These pigs should be raised and fed on the island according to traditional customs.

Sobrassada is made with pork, lean and lard, sweet and spicy paprika, salt and pepper, establishing the rules of the Protected Geographical Indication the following proportions:

Lean pork between 30 and 60% and lard pork between 40 and 70%. There should be no blood and finely mince mixing both ingredients. One time the process of chopping the meat is finished, which should have neither too much fat nor low (it is best to take a little of the mixture and fry, if we observe that the bottom of the pan has been covered in grease, so good), add salt, between 1.8 and 2.8% by mass kilo, or about 20 grams of salt per kilo average.

Paprika sweet and spicy (Capsicum annuum L. and C. longum DO) between 4 -7%. For every kilo, 55 grams of sweet paprika and 4 grams of spicy paprika.

Pepper 2 grams per kilo, although at this point, if you would like very spicy…you know what to do.

The use of dye is expressly prohibited. The guts can be natural or collagen fiber, the latter to pieces of less than 500 g.

The meat, chopped and mixed with spices, should stand for a few hours after preparation for the dough chilled. Once the mass is cold, fill the guts stuffed pork with the mass of the sobrassada ensuring that there is no air inside, that is, well filled but not pop them, using sewing or tying the ends of the guts depending whether these are thin or thick. , And then embedded into the guts of the same pig, where they heal.

Once completed this process, the product is hung in a dry, dark place. During this phase, a slow transformation of the mass consisting of the fermentation of the dough will happen, which will made it lose some of the initial moisture content, which gives the stuffed meat texture and typical flavor typically. To start eating the sobrassada, the finest on must be eaten at least 10 days after the hung and the thicker one must have a minimum cure time of two months.

According to the characteristics of the intestine we use to fill the sobrassada, we can cite the following formats for Sobrassada from Mallorca:

Sausage-Longaniza-Llonganissa: embedded in thin guts and a maximum length of 50-60 cm.

Curly-Rizada-Arrissada: embedded in thick guts.

Semi Curly-Semirizada / Semiarrissada: guts crammed into medium size and the most common presentation of about 500-800 g in weight.

Cular: in the last gut intestinal tract of the pig.

Bufeta: hemispherical in shape and weight that can reach 8 kg.

Bisbe: the larger piece, stuffed into the stomach of the pig.

Poltrú: blind pig.

Cake / Terrine: new presentation of approximately 200 g, which allows extend the product life and easy maintenance for the consumer. The Sobrassada in tub is cured spicy sausage, which after removal of casing, filled with the best guarantees. This is a format that is used only for marketing in the markets and local Mallorcan people never buy this.

Nowadays, sobrassada is perfectly integrated in the kitchen to be used in many recipes of the Mallorca diet, recipes which we will inform you on our blog. To learn more about Sobrassada History just look here.

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  1. December 27, 2014

    When we were in Mallorca, in the middle of the morning, around ten, we had a big sobrasada sandwich for breakfast. This is a delicious energy food. Since that moment, it has always been part of our breakfast.

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