Some Photo Tips for Better Listing your Property

Some Photo Tips for Better Listing your Property;

Photos are the first things that guests look at when they considering your property, and, of course, properties with great photos receive more bookings, you can be sure about that.

You need to make sure that your property shines!…you are offering it to your guests. A striking image of your property is worth a thousand words. A good photographic catalog gives a good impression of what guests can feel on your property and helps set expectations for guests so they can book with confidence your property. It is true that the first impression is the one that really counts.

Photos are messages. You, as owner of a property, need to say to your Visitors Hey¡, look, this is my house¡¡, they need to see it clear, they need a real impression “This is how my house looks like””. You are an author trying to convey this message in a clear, concise, and effective way to rent your property to Independent Travelers.

Like in all messages you can send in a multiple ways, you need first a subject. This may be your swimming pool, living room or any department of your property. The subject is the central point of interest and has to be placed in the foreground of the shot; towards the viewer (you have a wonderful swimming pool). Now we compose the message by including a second element, a context, which is often the background. The context gives the subject relevance, presence, location, or other interest (your swimming pool is surrounded by garden, has comfortable sunbeds, and has a bbq). It is the combination of the two elements (subject context) that tells the message clear to your visitors online.

And if is very important what to include, very important is as well to know what to exclude. Anything that isn´t part of the subject or its context is only a distraction. So eliminate extraneous surroundings  and removing unnecessary elements (like toilette paper on bathrooms).

We are not experts in photography, but a friend of us is telling to you a few photo tips that will help to do a better catalog to spiffy up your listing;

Always Light from the Top: brightness lends depth and color variance to the scene. Sunlight is best, but if it’s a dim day, just flick on an overhead light and lamps to help shadows always leads down, never up, And open all doors and windows¡

Shoot Always into a corner: shows the range of space and adds dimensionality, also gives the appearance of being larger and more spacious.

Take Always exterior photos: help your visitors imagine what they would look and feel like renting your property. Photograph the entire structure and surrounding area. Is very important for visitors to see what is surrounding your property (e.g. sea view)

Always Clean the scene: real scene is the key as it will make your place feel more livable and extra things won’t distract in the photo. Just be sure this is a true reflection of how guests will find the space. Never use things that are not real to make your photo catalog better?this not help at all. Use always reality as it is.

Always Highlight the amenities: amenities that your are offering in your property that makes your space unique and comfortable (e.g. patio and BBQ grill, sauna, ping-pong table, billiard table, etc.)

Our onsite system accepts photo uploading with nice quality. Just send first all photos to us and we will add and edit your Edit Listing. Later on, as soon as your listing is approved and online, you can change pictures to keep you property up to date.

Note: you don´t need a professional camera to do great shots…all photos displayed above are taken with a simple smartphone (Iphone).

Remember?a picture is worth a thousand words

Greetings from a Book Mallorca Friend¡

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