Monthly Weather Average in Mallorca

Mallorca Weather averages depending on time of year including average, high and low Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, Wind Charts to bring to you some information about what do you need to put in your suitcases.

During you holidays time in Mallorca you will enjoy the great Mediterranean weather with climate much more pleasant rather than other European countries in the same time of the year. Most Mallorca Travel Guides explain that summers in Mallorca are normally hot and dry while winters tend to be pleasant and mild. The Island is large and covered with mountains, called Serra de Tramuntana and the Southeast part of the island is warmer than the northwest. Despite of this, Mallorca normally receives around 300 days of sun per year making the island a perfect place all the year around, in spite of having very variable times as relates to weather, with raining periods and cold periods too, what we will try to explain briefly. Mallorca´s physical geography is shaped by the sea, which is deep, calm and relatively warm, with surface temperatures that reach 26ºC (79ºF) in August and stay above 14ºC (57ºF) in winter. Mallorca is the only place in the world where the temperature at the sea bed never drops below 13ºC (55ºF). The sea regulates the island´s climate and means that seasonal temperature variations aren´t as marked as they are on continental land masses at the same latitude. Travelling between 300 and 400 km to the north or south, we find the European mainland, which cools dramatically in winter, and the influence of Sirocco from warm Sahara Desert respectively, a fact which influences the unique features of Mallorca´s climate, characteristics that you can check in World Weather Online.

Summer in Mallorca Summer in Mallorca starts at the beginning of June and brings plenty of sun with a medium temperature between 27 degrees and 31 degrees and even more in July and August. In July and August probably you will have some day that the Relative Humidity will go higher than 65% (normal % in summer) which creates a feeling of much more heat and burden. Despite this, the cooling breeze makes the hot temperature more comfortable and enjoyable, especially during night time. Raining during the summer months in Mallorca, June to August is only 10% of the yearly rain. All this helps Mallorca to be an ideal travel destination for Travelers looking for sun and Beach.

Autumn in Mallorca Autumn is a raining period but the weather use to be not cold, sunny and nice. Visiting Mallorca in October is a good idea for travelers who prefer to avoid crowds and pay low rates to rent a villa or apartment in Majorca. The weather is a solid 23-25 degrees Celsius during the day and nights can get down to 14 degrees. During November in Mallorca still there is pleasant temperature around 18 degrees during the day and 9 degrees at night. The water temperature is still warm enough to enjoy sea and has a medium temperature of 20.5 degrees Celsius. The expected rainfall is Mallorca during autumn is around 8.2 days per month with some very heavy rains.

Winter in Mallorca The mild winters in Mallorca have an average temperature of 15 degrees during the day and 5 degrees at night. Winter in Mallorca best suits travelers looking to relax and/or explore a great island. Mallorca is a great place to enjoy winter with expected medium of sunny days of 22.3 days per month, what is not bad comparing with most of the European countries. Water temperature normally is 13.3 degrees Celsius.

Spring in Mallorca Between March and May the temperature gets back to 18 to 20 degrees. Nights may still get cold during spring in Mallorca and spring season is generally too cold for swimming in the ocean although in May the water temperature is expected to be up to 16 degrees Celsius. The expected rainfall is Mallorca during spring is around 6.1 days per month.

Although summer is clearly the traditional time to visit Mallorca, winter is becoming increasingly more popular. The sunny days are still there in winter although temperatures fall just short of comfortable swimming weather. Before coming to Mallorca you can always check the weather forecast here: Check the weather in Mallorca. Enjoy it.

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