Who lives in a House like this?

During the summer, the house what we have loved and shared with our family, is not among our favourite locations. Many of us would just pack our bags and move somewhere closer to nature or the beach. Celebrities do not need to think about that – they already have vacation homes all over the planet and Mallorca is no exception. Whether we talk about small traditional homes in picturesque villages in Serra de Tramuntana,?huge mansions close to the sea or the famous Mallorcan Rural Estates (possessions), an important number of celebrities have chosen to buy second homes in Mallorca. But you know what? They buy houses here just because they want to escape celebrity status, at least for a while, to enjoy a traditional way of life, in peace.

Claudia Schiffer from childhood vacations to an actual farm

Top model Claudia Schiffer and her husband Matthew Vaughn have bought a grandiose estate here back in 1997. After many enjoyable years, the 40 hectares of land together with a 350 years old tower part of their residence, they have decided to sell, based on a not-so-thrilled feeling Matthew allegedly had spending vacations here. That is not the end of the story in Mallorca for the 43 years old model, the one who used to spend most of her vacations here as a child. We do know the popularity of the island amongst Germans and is growing with each year. Now, after a period when she kept trying bring her husband back in Mallorca, she managed to buy another estate, this time traditional, close to a gulf course in Camp de Mar, nearby Andratx.

Ambassador Michael Douglas

Along with the residence he owns in Tramuntana, the most expensive Mallorcan property, or so are real estate agents say, Michael Douglas received a honourable title – cultural ambassador, to promote the island touristy values throughout the world. The house in Valdemossa might be put on sale soon, for close to 100 million euros, so if you want to share the same incredible views, you should keep an eye on the market. At least we can dream about it!

Another German – Dieter Bohlen

Renowned singer Dieter Bohlen loves Mallorca, he says, because it can be easily reached. Whenever he wants to relax or spend a couple of days away from Germany, he would get into the plane and fly over. His estate in Cala Ratjada provide his favourite vacations habits, as fishing or relaxing in some isolated cove. It is not his first house here, the first one based in Camp de Mar was sold a few years back.

Boris Becker and the gorgeous Morrocan style villa

There was a true love story between Boris Becker, the famous tennis player – now trainer – and his house in Arta, Mallorca, with ups and downs like any other genuine story of this type. Rumours has it that our celebrity is likely to sell his mansion because he could not afford the time to make it the way he was looking for.

Not only the above listed celebrities own a house in Mallorca. Throughout years, here lived Annie Lennox, Michael Schumacher, David Beckham or Pierce Brosnan, just to mention a few. Although Ibiza feels like the indisputable leader around the area, Mallorca’s properties have something you would not find anywhere else – a drop of extra-privacy, a long craved-for detail for our celebrities nowadays.

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